Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stacey Eastman and Newest Son Holden, ride Longboard


My greatest and dearest gifts are my children! Our newest addition HoldenEastman,
watch out girls!!!

Dinner in NYC

Luciana Silva from Brazil, head of elite Neal Hamill, and president of
Pulse MGMT Stacey Eastman dinner in NYC.

Super Model Coco and Stacey Eastman goes RED

Hanna Holman in NYC

Stacey Eastman and soon to be supermodel Hannah Holman in NYC, look for her
editorial d├ębut in next months ID magazine!!

Stacey Eastman and our Miami office

View of our New York offices

Pulse MGMT and Elite Helicopter - Anyone Up For Some Heliboarding

Pulse mgmt / elite models helicopter picking up president Stacey Eastman in
front of SLC SOSAlA offices for a day of heliboarding!

Miami Heat Game

Major motion picture Casting director and dear friend Jeff Johnson and Stacey Eastman at Miami Heat game.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twilight Motion Picture Premiere Gateway

View Pictures of the Premiere at the Gateway
Thanks to Chris Blackburn Photography you can check out your photos by clicking the following links :
Below is the model link. Please send out to all the models that attended at the Gateway.
Check out Chris Blackburns blog as well

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pulse MGMT Christmas Bash 08


Read this Christmas Story for sure to be one of 09 Top Fashion Models all the way from "WHERE?" IDAHO! KEEP KILLING IT GIRL WE HAVE MUCH FAITH IN YOU!

Dear Stacey,

Our daughter Nicole has been approached and told by many "You should model".

Words that many parents with thin, leggy daughters have heard I'm sure. After years of this Nicole finally told us she would like to try modeling, we said okay. We took her to a call for a catalog, she was called back, tried on the sample clothes, and told she was" too tall and too skinny for their clothing".

Nicole wanted to go to another call, I told her I would keep an eye out in the papers. Time passed and I didn't find anything for her to go to. Then this happened. One year ago at family time we were all writing our Christmas lists.

Nicole had clearly grown impatient with me (mom) acting as her agent and decided to turn
. On her list was "a modeling contract". We laughed and I mentioned to my husband that maybe one of us should take her to New York and just visit agencies???

More time passed, we didn't go to New York , modeling was once again put on the back burner.

A few months later Nicole was approached at a mall and immediately our walls went up, we were skeptical and sure this was some sort of sales scam. We are VERY protective of our children. So I did what Oprah said......LOL, I called elite NY to make sure they knew who you were, and they said "if your daughter was approached by Stacey Eastman it was a real contact, he is a reputable name in the industry". Then I called Pulse and to my surprise was connected with you immediately.

I was still skeptical and waiting for the "Big sales pitch", it never came. You took the time then and still do, answering all of our crazy questions and calming our concerns. You, in a very short period of time have arranged for our daughter to meet some of the most talented people in this industry.........we talk to Karen Lee of elite on a regular basis and that is just amazing to us.

Nicole has been given advice, and put on a path where she knows what she needs to work on to model. YOU and everyone you have connected her with have been so kind to her and given her real goals and tips to help her on her way. Last but not least, Nicole did get that modeling contract she asked SANTA for last year, with elite no less, and while we are thanking you Stacey.... we still kind of wonder if SANTA didn't have his hand in that chance meeting at the mall that day?

Happy Holidays! We wish you and your family all the best,
Jeff and Martha Lichtenberg

You are a great and blessed family! And we are happy to have played Santa inyour life! Ho..ho..ho.. from the north pole! Well Miami via NYC viaaaaaaa. Always on my sleigh.
Stacey Eastman

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cover and Editorial layout for Ali Stephens NZ

Hannah Holman in Australia

Kahuna Creations

Steve Mcbride creator and owner of Kahuna Boards,
new partner Stacey Eastman owner Pulse MGMT, and partner to Elite
start a joint venture in designing the
first of its kind long boards, snow boards, wake and surf
for the fashion and entertainment industry!

Be looking for the new fashion boards to hit Jan. 09

Check out Matthew McConaughy on a Kahuna Board Here