Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pulse Mgmt's Larissa Frazer, from Utah, write up about her super star boy baseball star in SI.

Reader @trixareforkris, of Milwaukee (Yes, people now send their Twitter names on e-mails. It's a social media world), says "As I'm sure you missed it, Ryan Braun was kissing his girlfriend, Larisa Fraser, on the field after the Brewers clinched the NL Central Friday night. I DEFINITELY suggest you [feature her in Hot Clicks]." A quick Google search turns up some items about Fraser and Braun, but nothing definitively confirms they are dating. However, based on Fraser's looks, I had no choice to but post this photo gallery and give props to Braun if this is true. Read more:

Also Featured on GUYISM.COM
Larisa Fraser is a lingerie model, might be dating Ryan Braun

I can see why someone would want to go out with her...

Word on the street is that the lingerie model you see here, Larisa Fraser, is dating Brewers slugger Ryan Braun, so that was more than enough reason for me to feature her here wearing bras and stuff for P2. Actually that’s not totally accurate, I would have featured her here even if she isn’t dating Braun. She’s a model, posing in lingerie; that alone completes the criteria for my sharing her pics with you. As for what we know about Larissa, she’s 5’9″ with measurements of 34-25-34″ and works for Elite Model Management. That’s about it. Good enough? Good enough.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

On your trips in life reach out and touch someone in someway! You will never know what stories you will learn, and more importantly the life long differences and friendships you can make. You would NOT BELIVE THIS LOVE STORY! Only in Paris. All our love Laure.

"Dear Stacey,

Thank you so much for that beautiful picture! You and your lovely wife have been the witness of a very special moment and you had the generosity to fix it and to give it to us, it's really a wonderful present.

It was magic to meet you two and I will never forget you. You are beautiful people.

I hope the best for you and your wife, love, happiness and success.

Enjoy Paris!!!!!!!

Kind regards,
Laure de La Morandière.
(Excuse my english...)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pulse Mgmt's newest STAR - Jenna Kurtz. Scouted by Lacey - TO EXPLODE the high end of the fashion world! From corn to the runways Watch this people.

Pulse Mgmt's Lindsey P. From Colorado in Paris

Pulse Mgmt's twins and one of the very coolest moms out there! Big love for you two!! We will see you at the very top of the industry!

Anna & Katie are really excited about modeling and all the changes at Elite and appreciate your "tenacity" in making it happen!

Hey Stacey,

We hope you are having a good flight to Paris!

The girls and I really enjoyed meeting with you today. Every time we get together with you, your energy and excitement about everything going on with Pulse, Elite and the industry are an inspiration to us. You are a beacon of positive energy! The girls are so excited about returning to New York and getting ready for whatever plans you and Elite have for them. The girls are inspired to work harder than ever and are excited about the possibilities of fashion weeks in 2012 and your belief in them as perfect models for a Guess campaign in the future. They are also excited about travelling to Miami to get to know the Pulse/Elite team there, when you feel the time is right. We want you to know that we really appreciate everything you do for Anna & Katie and we fully acknowledge that without you, Anna and Katie would have never become models and signed with Pulse and Elite. After talking with you today, we looked up Steven Meisel and Louie Chaban online and read about their amazing careers and connections in the fashion world. Wow! Eddie He is fortunate to have you as a partner to move him in the right

I frankly don't understand how a parent, even someone with knowledge of the industry thinks that they can successfully manage their daughter's career even half as well as you can do it. It's ridiculous. It's all about connections, contacts and experience. I suspect that those in the fashion industry who see this kind of thing happen, watch out for their colleagues that have been treated badly by their models. If the model will do it to you, they'll certainly do it to another manager!

Anna, Katie and I feel confident that we are being taken care of by the BEST and are probably your best advocates when other potential models and their parents ask us about our experience with Pulse and Elite. Please feel free to offer my name as a reference, if you ever need a parent of your models to talk with another parent. It might be helpful for them to know that I'm an attorney. Attorneys tend to be skeptical and hyper-critical in beginning any kind of new business venture. The fact that I am neither speaks volumes.

Your business in Paris sounds very busy and extremely productive. We send our good wishes for a successful and enjoyable trip! Let us know if there is ever anything we can do to support you, Pulse or Elite! Our very best to Shayna and your family!

à tout à l'heure!
Kristi Nobles-Fisher

From out of our new office windows in Paris! Not bad view right!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pulse Mgmt's stars Amanda C. From Utah and Lindsay P. From Colorado in Paris for fashion week and season. Kill it girls.

Dree's new perfume contract!

Pulse Mgmt's Stacey Eastman and Supermodel buddy Dree Hemingway! Crazy who u run into at fashion week Paris, on the Runway.

Pulse Mgmt's President Stacey Eastman's Wife, Shayna Eastman, catching a show in Paris! One of her favorite past times amongst museum hunting.

Pulse Mgmt's President Stacey Eastman @ Fashion week Paris - the show before the show! That's POWER!

Its all about who you know? and rather WHO RESPECTS YOU. ALEX the head of Victoria Secret, Producer of this show. That's right HEAD OF V.S. The biggest show in the world!!!!!!
Pulse Mgmt' Stacey Eastman and dear friend Alexander. The producer of Victoria Secret and the biggest designer shows in the world. Invited to back stag at the hottest ticked show in Paris.

Pre Show


Pulse Mgmt's partners office in Paris. At fashion week. THE BIG SHOWS!

Pulse Mgmt back stag of the big show! That's right BACK STAGE FRENCH FASHION WEEK! That never happens. Unless your Stacey Eastman.