Friday, January 17, 2014

Erin Cummins for Model Beach Volleyball 2014

Pulse model, Erin Cummins, is the poster girl for the 2014 Model Beach Volleyball Tournament.  Model Beach Volleyball Tournament (MBVT) is an event that happens annually in Miami where models from a handful of top agencies join with professional volleyball players and compete against each other in a huge even on the beach with lots of spectators (not to mention corporate sponsors).  We love that out of all the models in all of the agencies participating, MBVT chose Erin's picture to put on their promotional materials.  Not that we can blame them, she looks amazing, and that handout makes us wish we were headed out to watch the tournament!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sara Grace Kelley in Hong Kong

We were cracking up when we saw this post on our model, Sara Grace Kelley's, instagram.  She is still over in Hong Kong, and as busy as ever! Maybe the client wanted her to embody Miley Cyrus, but we think that Sara's Coco Rocha homage was a much better idea.  Like the good model that she is, Sara is great at transforming her look (with the help of Hair and Make Up teams, of course!), but she still has that fierce face and expressions that are just so "Sara".  Stacey Eastman, Pulse Management President, has been friends with Coco Rocha for years, so we'll have him check and see what Coco thought of Sara's tribute to her.  We're pretty sure she will be flattered.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Olivia Featured in Elle Japan

We are thrilled to see these tear sheets from Elle Japan's Holiday Gift Guide.  Our very own, Olivia Hamilton, got some prime placement in this publication, and she looks amazing! A-MAY-ZING!!!  This was one of the 41 jobs that Olivia did while she was in Tokyo.  Elle Magazine is one of the most successful fashion magazines on the planet, and we are thrilled that their Japanese magazine loves Olivia as much as we do! You can click on each of the above pictures to see a larger version.  We still have plenty more to post about Olivia's modeling work from Japan that is still being published, so stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Liz is Jetting Off to...

Pulse Management's rising star, Liz Kennedy, headed off to Tokyo yesterday!  This Minnesotan had a lot to do before she left, so it looks like she combined her walking in heels practice with packing.  Way to multitask.  This is Liz's first international trip for modeling (keep in mind we discovered her only a few months ago), so I texted her mom to see how she was holding up.  Liz is traveling with a family friend because both of her parents were unable to accompany her (with jobs and other kids at home, finding a guardian can be tricky sometimes).  This is what her mom texted me:

"I'm sitting in Minnesota as my daughter is on a plane flying halfway around the world. It is still hard to believe! Liz has the support of so many friends, family, her mother agency Pulse Mgmt and Stacey Eastman, and her other agencies. We are all rooting for her and wish her the best in Tokyo! We wouldn't be here without Pulse and Stacey, and wouldn't want to be. We love you guys!"

We love Liz, Jen and their whole family, and we can't wait to keep you all posted about the amazing things Liz does while in Tokyo!

Monday, January 13, 2014

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Tori Praver's Vogue Cover

For today's MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY, we are revisiting when Tori Praver was solo on the cover of Russian Vogue.  For any model, a Vogue cover is the ultimate job, and it is even sweeter when you are the only model on the cover.  

We discovered Tori in her home state, Hawaii, and she went on to do some amazing things.  She modeled for Victoria's Secret, Guess, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, and many other high profile jobs.  These days Tori is a swimwear designer and a mother, who still models from time to time.