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Pulse Mgmt 's Mega Supermodel Hannah Holman from Utah

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Talking about breaking the industry!

Pulse MGMT's Hannah Holman is ranked by the most powerful player . . .

Hannah Holman enters TOP 50 on, #27!

"Hannah is truly an amazing girl from her very beginnings we found her in a small town Delta Utah where everybody knows your name famous or not: From there and 5 years of managing her throughout the world Japan, New Zealand , L.A., Miami, Paris, London, Italy and on and on! I told you sweet thing! You are on your way."
- Big love always kid
Stacey Eastman

Watch for this kid and a cover story about President of Pulse MGMT on MDC coming soon, covering the 10 year anniversary of the most powerful Fashion web site on the Planet!

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"Hannah Holman shone brightly in the Fall 09 Miu Miu campaign , quickly rising from that booking into a constant run of top editorials culminating in a perfect follow through of a SS10 campaign season. The girl is now quintessential."

Pulse Mgmt has designed and launched its own MODEL longboards and supermodel Hannah Holman sports it first

Pulse Mgmt's Hannah Holman ranked one of 4 of the hottest blonds

"Black Magazine taps four of the industry's hottest blondes for its eleventh issue.
Heidi Mount, Hannah Holman, Constance Jablonski and Siri Tollerod are photographed by Michael Schwartz for a series of cover stories that highlight their unique
talents. Heidi and Hanna work the effortless downtown look while Siri and Constance reach new heights of glamour with their platinum locks and heaps of jewelry."

Pulse Mgmt's Hannah Holman British Vogue

"Hannah Holman, Ylonka Verheu, Anastasija K, Ilvie Wittek and Heleen Scholten are five of modeling's most promising faces and each of the icy blondes is featured in Emma Summerton's striking British Vogue editorial. The girls are photographed on the cliffs of Dover wearing vivid red outfits, complete with coordinating crocodile clutches by Smythson. Charlotte Stockdale's styling is a big part of what makes this story work so well but the pictures themselves are inventive and original."

Hannah Holman - Alexander Wang

Pulse Mgmt's Hannah

Shot by Miguel Reveriego
Style by Marie Chaix

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


"The American wave has begun! Modeling is an international business - a great girl is just as likely to be from Sao Paulo as she is from St. Petersburg and scouts have always searched far and wide for the next major face. Sometimes though, the best girls are quite literally the ones next door. The American model is experiencing a very timely resurgence and many of this season's top catwalkers hail from exotic locales like New Jersey, California and Texas. Given the variety of cultural backgrounds in the states American models represent an especially diverse range of beauty but all are blessed with the same down to earth charm that makes them favorites. Take a look back at some of modeling's most memorable pitchwomen - Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks, Carolyn Murphy, Bridget Hall, Hilary Rhoda - the list goes on and on, there is just something unique about the way the right American beauty can connect with an audience. Here are a few of this seasons much buzzed about new comers whose personality and appeal make them the standouts of the new American wave.

Hannah Holman
With her platinum tresses and icy blue eyes Hannah is the definition of a classic All American beauty (were seeing shades of Kate Bosworth) and fresh off the heels of her Miu Miu campaign she blazed through a selective season- only the best would do. Though she made appearances at nearly every European show worth talking about we couldn't help but notice her turns at Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel - it seems a certain austere German fashion legend has taken note of Hannah's considerable charms."

Pulse Mgmt's Hannah Holman by MDC

"The Last Magazine is always on the pulse of what is going on right now and the cast of its latest story by Amy Troost reads like a who's who of up and comers and in demand faces. Alexa Yudina, Regina Feoktistova, Valeria Dmitrienko, Rose Cordero, Charlotte Di Calypso, Aminata Niaria, Hannah Holman, Yulia Lobova, Liu Wen, Melodie Dagault, Model Link and Christian Brylle star in a multi-faceted story that gives them all an opportunity to show their best. Alastair McKimm's creative styling takes center stage as the cool cast shows off fall's unique wares." MDC

Pulse Mgmt's Hannah Holman featured in Acne Paper

. . . is a source of consistently cutting edge content and their latest issue delivers the goods!

Pulse Mgmt's Ali Stephens, Hye Rim Park and new star Hannah Holman ranked top 50 models on the planet by: American Vogue

Pulse Mgmt's Hannah Holman In Vogue:

Hannah Inspiration Station

"Growing up on a cattle farm in rural Utah might not have prepared Hannah for the fashion parade, but it did teach her one thing worth having on any list of party tricks: “I know how to drive a tractor,” she tells me. “It’s been a while, and it’s not quite like riding a bike, but it does come back.” Hannah, who might be best known for her platinum hair and barely there eyebrows, was scouted at a mall near her hometown when she was fifteen. “It wasn’t until about a year ago when I went to Australia and then got the Miu Miu campaign that my career really took off, though,” she says. Her style signature: Handmade stone and fossil rings from the cafĂ© she once worked at back home. “The owner makes them,” she says. “I love that they remind me of where I come from.”

Age: Eighteen
Provenance: Leamington, Utah
What She’s Wearing:Aje sequin-front dress. “It’s an Australian brand. They have the most amazing leather pieces,” Hannah confides.
Tights from Urban Outfitters.
Rick Owens jacket. “My favorite!”
Tory Burch black patent leather ankle boots.

—Jane Herman (Vogue) - Check Out The Article Here

All Grown Up

They were born to be stars. Take a look at some top models today and what
they looked like as children. Can you tell who's who?

A) 4 - Ali Stephens B) 3 - Hannah Holman C) 5 - Coco Rocha D) 2 -
Damaris Lewis E) 1 - Charlott Cordes

Pulse mgmt's Hannah Holman ranked by 10 Magazine - 10 of the best new models for 09/10 season

Stacey Eastman's vision and supermodels to combine with artist Max Losee in Nylon fashion mag

Nylong Mag. Click Here To Read The Article

"Models hit the street with their very own skateboard.

Some models land beauty campaigns. Others nab a pair of Victoria’s Secret Angel wings. But if you want street cred, there’s nothing more validating than getting your mug etched onto a skateboard.

So consider Coco Rocha, Ali Stephens, and Hannah Holman the hipster models of the year. The trio is literally the new face of Image Ride, a skateboard company by designer and artist Max Losee. It all started this past summer, when Losee realized that many of his customers weren’t using their longboards to ride—instead, they were mounting them on walls and treating them like works of art. Soon after, he launched the custom engraved board company Image Ride, celebrating in style by featuring Rocha, Stephens, and Holman on the first three boards ever produced for the brand.

But you don’t have to be an internationally recognized model to make it onto a deck. Upload your portrait (or any other image you’d like to see under your feet) and a few weeks later, you’ll get a customized longboard delivered to your door. Each maple/birch wood board comes with Randal trucks, Retro wheels, and Abec 7 bearings (which we hear is a big deal when it comes to riding). Each board is also numbered, much like a painting you’d see hanging on a gallery wall.

Even if you’re not getting calls to be the next face of YSL Skincare, getting your own Image Ride board means you’re sharing a campaign with Rocha."


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Pulse Mgmt supermodels launch their long boards concept Stacey Eastman and artist Max Losee

Canada's Online Lifestyle Magazine Check out the article here
Beauty and the Board
November 12, 2009
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Models make music, actresses venture into modeling, but models on skateboards? Hell hath frozen over.

Image Ride, a skateboard company by designer and artist Max Losee, has launched a new collection of boards with models’ mugs on them – specifically, trend setters Coco Rocha, Ali Stephens and Hannah Holman.

Made of maple/birch wood, each board comes outfitted with Randal trucks, Retro wheels, and Abec 7 bearings.

Pulse Mgmt's Kim Smith, from Utah, in Paris

Pulse Mgmt's Ali Stephens trick or treat!

Ever since I was a little girl growing up in Indiana and Salt Lake City, October had a fun-filled magic that captured my heart from the first time I experienced the beauty of All Hallows Eve! Whether it was trick or treating and having massive candy trading posts when we got home, making my sister watch Hocus Pocus with me endlessly, or being invited to my first real Halloween party, Halloween is always my favorite day of the year. This year I flew home to SLC from LA to spend the night with my best little buddy! I tagged along when the kids were trick or treating and racked up some candy of my own (although some parents were hesitant to hand out to someone over thirteen years old haha) and screamed up a storm at the neighborhood haunted house complete with my worst fear - chainsaws!!! Even then I enjoyed it and already look forward to the next year!! xoxo Ali