Friday, February 21, 2014

Malachi's Editorial for Jacamo Magazine

Happy Friday everyone! We have been infatuated with these images of our girl Malachi ever since they showed up in our inbox.  This editorial is from Jacamo Magazine, and was photographed by our dear friend Rodney Ray.  Rodney is one of the most talented and well-respected fashion photographers, which is why we use him for a lot of our test shoots.  If anyone can get the shot, we know it's Rodney.  We love the bright colors used in this shoot, and they only highlight Malachi's beauty.  We are expecting big things out of this girl, and we have a feeling we won't be disappointed.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Armon Eastman for Dita Eyewear

Check out Armon Eastman looking the perfect amount of retro in these behind the scenes pics from the new Dita Eyewear campaign. I browsed through their current collection, and there are quite a few pairs of sunglasses that I "need" ASAP.  Judging from Armon's instagram, he had a great time at the Hollywood shoot, and judging from what we are seeing this campaign is going to be killer.  Congrats Armon, you wear Dita well, and we can't wait to see the final images!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

DOLLS MODEL MGMT Test Shoot: How We Get A Model Started

Have you ever wondered how we get our models started? They don't just appear in the pages of Vogue out of nowhere, do they? Once a model is scouted or submits photos to us, we set up an online meeting with them, and Pulse Mgmt President, Stacey Eastman.  Stacey has a video call with the model and usually one or both of his/her parents and we see if the model is what we are looking for, and the model does the same and can decide if we are the type of management he/she wants. If both parties think we are a good fit, we set up a test shoot for the model in the Hollywood Hills with our sister company, Dolls Model Management.

At the photo shoot the model has assistance selecting wardrobe, and get his/her hair and make up done by one of the industry's finest artists. Dolls Model Management only uses photographers/hair and makeup artists that we know and respect within the fashion industry because we want to make sure the test shoot has the potential for the best outcome possible.  The model is photographed in a couple of different looks, and is also captured in an HD video reel, which serves almost like a commercial for the model so we can show potential agencies and clients a little bit of their personalities and they can see the model's movement.

We also have a current or former model on hand to give a basic lesson on photo movement and on runway walking.  We then take digital polaroids of each model and Stacey and Shayna Eastman are present to answer any additional questions the models or their parents may have.  The test shoot is so we can see how well you photograph, which for a model is crucial.

This video was taken at our test shoot a couple of months ago.  The main purpose of it is to show potential models what occurs at our test shoots, and to hopefully answer some questions and ease some anxieties about what to expect.

Rachel Cook for MAC

Yesterday we shared with you Rachel Cook's photos from Vogue Japan, and today we have another huge booking to show you.  The above photo was from a Japanese ad for MAC cosmetics, which as far as cosmetics goes, is one of the biggest in the industry. Rachel shot the photo during her current trip to Tokyo, and this trip is turning out to be a huge success for her.  Keep up the good work Rachel, we are sure we'll be posting more amazing images from your trip because you are on a hot streak!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rachel Cook for VOGUE JAPAN

Is it just us, or have we had a lot of models featured in various editions of Vogue lately? Not that we are complaining, because for models there are few bookings that are more enviable than a Vogue booking. The latest Vogue shoot is Pulse Management's, Rachel Cook, for Vogue Japan.  The shoot is on the dark and moody side, and Rachel looks incredible... in short WE LOVE IT! Rachel is currently in Japan and she has been busy working left and right over there, but this job is the icing on the cake. You are absolutely killing Rachel, and we are so proud.

Monday, February 17, 2014

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Amy Swenson for Chloe

Today's Major Moment Monday is another recent one.  We are completely enamored with this shoot that Amy Swenson did on her last trip to Asia.  Amy looks absolutely stunning in these images.  Chloe is one of the few fashion brands that is both prestigious and fashion forward, while being wearable for women. Those qualities are the reason we love the brand, and we love it even more now that Amy has modeled for them.  We knew this girl was going to do big things, and we have a feeling she is just scratching the surface.  We are looking forward to big, big things from this beauty.


Pulse Mgmt's Matt Chase

This video of Pulse Management Action Sports Star, Matt Chase, hit 10,000 views in three short weeks.  Watch it and you will quickly understand why!  We were a little disappointed with the snowboarding in the Olympics (the conditions didn't help anything), but then we watched this video of Matt and it reminded us of why we love the sport so much.  Snowboarding is just so fun to watch, especially with riders like Matt!  He is a Minnesota native, and we couldn't be more excited to have him as a part of our team.  Welcome to the team Matt, let's make some snowboarding history together.