Friday, April 18, 2014


Some of the Pulse Management Crew is at COACHELLA this weekend, are you there too?  We are diligently searching the crowds for future models, and who knows, maybe you are one of them.  If you received one of the flyers like the picture above and/or you were approached by one of our scouts, thank you for visiting our blog!  If you are interested in being managed by us, learning more about our company or want to pursue a career with modeling, all you have to do is send an email.  You can either email the scout who gave you their business card (their email is on the card), OR email, and I'll make sure you get set up with who you need to talk to.

If you want to know more about us, please browse this blog, and you can check out our instagram @pulsemgmt to see more about our models and the kinds of jobs our models book.

Pulse Management Action Sports Introduces Nate Provost

Our Action Sports Division is growing at a rapid pace these days, and we couldn't be happier with the talented athletes we are signing to our team.  Today we want you all to meet Nate Provost.  Nate lives in Grant's Pass, Oregon, just like Pulse Mgmt President, Stacey Eastman. We have a feeling that most of their meetings will be taking place while long boarding...

Back to Nate, saying he is an amazing skater/longboarder is an understatement.  Look at him long boarding on his hands, which he says is one of his favorite things to do, especially for other people. According to Nate he signed with Pulse because, "Stacey is an amazing person, and I want to follow my dream!"

Nate, we are happy to help you in pursuing your goals.  Welcome to the Pulse Mgmt team.  Nate will also be scouting for us, so maybe he will scout you?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Charlee in Hollywood

We don't know how else to say it, Pulse model, Charlee Pilon, is going to be a major modeling force to be reckoned with. We are reviewing these images from a shoot she did on her last trip to LA, and we are just infatuated with them.  It is no surprise that her recent trip to New York is going so well, look at how her pictures turn out!  These are stunning Charlee, we can't wait to see what you do next.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Have You Met Kayla?

Everyone, we'd like you to meet Kayla, the newest addition to the Pulse Mgmt team.  Kayla is joining us as a model scout, and we are thrilled to have her!  Kayla is from Portland, Oregon and she was introduced to Pulse through our scouting director, Lacey who actually scouted Kayla (and we can see why!).  When I asked Kayla why she wanted to be a scout with Pulse, she said, "Because I love the industry and everything that comes with it. I am very excited to work with all the talented and honest people pulse has to offer."  

She also said that she hopes that she will be able to meet new people through scouting, and she hopes to make people's dreams come true.  This seems like a perfect fit for you Kayla!

Natalie on the COVER of Clam Magazine

Check out longtime Pulse Mgmt model, Natalie Keyser, on the cover of Clam Magazine.  Natalie is looking as amazing as ever on the magazine's Spring/Summer 2014 issue.  Clam Magazine is dedicated to images of art and fashion, and the fact that they put this image of Natalie on their cover just goes to show how amazing she really is.  We're proud of you Natalie.  We can't wait to see what you have to show us from your current work trip to Mexico City.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Liz STUNS in Elle Japan

I have to give our girl, Liz Kennedy, a HUGE congrats because she did something I have not witnessed before.  After seeing this picture Pulse Management President, Stacey Eastman, emailed me that he was left speechless.  Now anyone who knows Stacey, knows this is a huge accomplishment.  This picture of Liz, wearing Valentino, ran recently in Elle Japan.  It amazes me that Liz has only been with us for a few months, but her images look like pics of a seasoned pro.  This girl is going to be one of the biggest models in the industry, trust us on that one.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Vikki (Scout), Lisa (PR), Shayna (COO), Lacey (Director of Scouting), and Stacey (President)

What a crazy weekend it was for some of our Pulse Mgmt team.  We hit up THE music festival of the year, Coachella, for its opening weekend.  Our main goal was to search high and low for potential models, and man oh man did we succeed.  We can't wait to share with you the models we sign and develop that we found at Coachella.  Stacey and Shayna, along with super-scouts Vikki and Lacey arrived on Thursday at LAX where they met Lisa (me) for an amazing and entertaining dinner in LA. Whenever we get a few of our team members together, we always have a lot of laughs and this dinner was no exception.  After dinner, Stacey, Shayna, Lacey and Vikki road tripped it out to Palm Desert for a weekend of music and scouting!

 Listening to Skrillex and headed to the festival
 Can you tell we are all like family?  Well Stacey and Shayna technically are family (they are married) but they make the rest of us feel like they are part of the Eastman family.
 Stacey and Lacey, a former model of ours who has turned into one of our most successful scouts
Stacey, Shayna and Lacey

Coachella was definitely a successful weekend for us.  We are interested in finding new scouts, so if you are interested in joining our team, please send an email to  We hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well, and we can't wait to show you some of the superstars that we found this weekend! As for Coachella, we will be back for you next weekend!