Monday, September 15, 2014

Vote for BriAnn on Model Turned Superstar!

Have you guys tuned into Model Turned Superstar yet?  If not you can start watching the web series here.  It is a series that features models from around the world competing to win $1,000,000, and Pulse Management model and scout BriAnn is competing.  She needs our help!  Please watch the series and VOTE VOTE VOTE for BriAnn here (click where it says "vote"). No one is more deserving of a win than our sweet BriAnn, and we love that she is representing Pulse in this show.  Good luck Bri, we will be watching and voting!!!

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Liz Kennedy's Fashion Week Debut

Liz in Three Different NYFW Shows, details in the pics below

Happy MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY everyone!  We have been looking forward to today all weekend, which is really saying something because really, who looks forward to Mondays?  We did because we have been dying to share these pictures of Pulse Management Model, Liz Kennedy, with you.  Just in case you missed it, New York Fashion Week just wrapped up, and it was Liz's first time being at the shows.  Not only was she at the shows, she was in them, and she absolutely killed it.  Look at all of these pictures!  She walked the runways with the seasoned veterans, and proved time and time again how she not only deserved to be there, she showed the modeling world she is going to be a force to be reckoned with.  Liz, we are so proud of you.  We love that we are a part of taking a teenager from Minnesota and introducing her to a whole new world.  Next stop, Paris!

Liz with some of the other models, backstage at the Dennis Basso Show

Models' selfies are just so much prettier than everyone else's! Backstage at the Rebecca Taylor show 

A look from the Houghton fashion show and a look from the Honor fashion show 

Liz with model Eliza Hartmann backstage at the Kye Show

Friday, September 12, 2014

NYFW Over Already?

Stacey in between fashion shows at Lincoln Center

We can't believe that New York Fashion Week has come and gone already! Every year we plan for it for months, and then in a whirlwind it is over.  We will be posting about what our models did during fashion week over the next little bit, but in the meantime we wanted to show you a few of our favorite snapshots from NYFW.  We hope these can hold you over until next week when we have a few recaps for you.  Happy weekend everyone!

Rachel Cook and Olivia Hamilton snapping a selfie.  We love seeing our models having fun together!

Charlee Pilon and a friend unwinding at the Model Lounge

Alisha Judge backstage before the Steven Alan presentation

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Guess Who?

Admittedly this is one of the easier Throwback Thursday pictures to guess because of the setting, but we couldn't help it because look at how adorable mini-Matt Chase is! Clearly starting young on a snowboard has paid off for this guy, because have you seen the incredible things he is pulling off on his board these days? If you haven't watch the video in the link here, and try not to be impressed. You won't succeed.  Thank you for sharing your TBT pic with us Matt, we love seeing our clients childhood pictures.

Happy Birthday Natalie!

We want to wish a happy happy birthday to Natalie Keyser today!  We may say this a lot, but Natalie really is one of our very favorite people, let alone one of our favorite models.  In this industry loyalty means everything, and the simple fact that Natalie has been one of our models for a decade now shows just how incredible she is.  It has been our pleasure watching Natalie grow from a little 12 year old, into the amazingly gorgeous woman she is today.  In her 22 years she has traveled the world, walked the most prestigious runways, and graced the pages of Vogue, which is pretty incredible for someone at any age! Truly we are better people for knowing her, and we have been so lucky to be a part of her life.  Happy birthday Nat, we think this is going to be a great year for you!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Matt Chase Featured in YoBeat

With all the Fashion Week madness going on, we almost forgot about how snowboarding season is rapidly approaching.  Luckily, Pulse Management Action Sports team member, Matt Chase had just the thing to get us stoked for winter.  Check out this interview YoBeat did of him.  Seriously, click on the link because not only is it a great interview, but there is an incredible video showing Matt's incredible talent.  Matt, thanks for being such a great athlete and such a great representative of what we love in our clients.  Hardworking, humble, and someone who stays out of trouble! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Alisha Judge's NYFW Update

Alisha in two looks for the Zero Maria Conejo show

Are you guys ready for a New York Fashion Week update?  We have been so busy trying to keep up with our models who are out there right now, but we couldn't leave you all hanging!  Our very own Alisha Judge has been a busy model since fashion week started last week.  We love looking at these runway stills, and we love admiring the beautiful clothing even more!  Keep up the good work Alisha, we can't wait to see where else you turn up.

Alisha in the Lela Rose Show

Alisha in the Vivienne Tam Show (she was requested again, after she did so well in their previous show)

In the Parsons MFA Show (which I love extra because I went to Parsons)

Monday, September 8, 2014

Pulse Mgmts Daphni hilton From Utah To be Pulse's NEXT MEGA STAR WATCH AND SEE!

Pulse Mgmt's mega superstar of the Summer! Daphni Hilton, from Utah, in NYC and gearing up for Sept fashion week around the world!

Watch we we do with this one! Told you girl!!! Keep rocking it!

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Emma Landen in Diorsnow 2014 - The Film

Happy Monday everyone! For today's Major Moment Monday we are going back to when Pulse Management Discovery, Emma Landen, starred in this Dior Ad Campaign.  It's amazing to believe that Emma, who we found in her hometown in Colorada, landed this MAJOR campaign.  Although when you look at that gorgeous face, it actually isn't that surprising.  We knew this girl had amazing potential from the second we saw her, and we are proud to be the people that introduced Emma to the wonderful world of fashion and modeling.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Viktoria

We would like to wish our model Viktoria Lien a very happy birthday!  Just like a normal teenager she celebrated her sweet 16th birthday yesterday blowing out her candles. Unlike a normal teenager, she celebrated while at New York Fashion week and surrounded by her friends at the Wilhemina office. We realize that being a model sometimes means your normal life is interrupted, and that's why we are so happy to see these pictures.  We love that the Wihemina staff recognized and celebrated Viktoria's birthday with her, especially in the midst of Fashion Week.

Viktoria, you are one talented young woman, and we couldn't be happier to have you as a part of our Pulse Management family!

Viktoria with some of the Wilhemina Staff

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Guess Who?

It may be the start of Fashion Week, but that doesn't mean we are going to forget about our Throwback Thursday post this week!  Check out this blonde little cutie pie.  Can you believe that she grows up into the stunning model pictured below? Actually we can, that profile is perfect at any age.  We discovered Charlee Pilon in her home state of Washington and we waited patiently (and sometimes impatiently) while she finished up high school until really launching her career.  She is currently in New York city, and we can't wait to see what she does during fashion week. Don't worry we will keep you all posted.

Armon's Gearing Up for Paris Fashion Week

Buckle up everyone because today marks the kickoff of the beginning of New York Fashion Week.  Click here to see the post we did about Fashion Week and the schedules for the various ones coming up this month.  Basically it should be called Fashion Month, because September is when fashion's elite travel all over the world to see what the top designers have created.  It is an exciting and sometimes exhausting time for all involved.  We have these models in New York ready for the shows, and we can't wait to report back to you what they have been cast in.

Now, onto Armon!  These pictures are the front and back sides of Armon's Paris Fashion Week card, and we LOVE it.  The front shows Armon the amazing model, and the backside shows all the rest of the hilarious sides of Armon's personality.  While in Paris, Armon is signed with our Partner City Model Management.  It won't be very long until we can post about what he's up to for Paris Fashion Week, so stay tuned everyone!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


You guys are all familiar with right?  If not, you should familiarize yourself with the site, it is pretty much all you need to know about what's going on with your favorite models in one site.  Our good friend Wayne Sterling created, and it has turned into pretty much the Bible of the industry.

We couldn't be happier that featured Liz Kennedy, as one half of their daily duo.  The daily duo feature basically showcases up and coming models as "ones to watch".  For Liz to be selected as one of the Daily Duo during fashion week, is huge.  To see the entire post about Liz click here.  In the meantime, we'll share with you our favorite quote from the post:

"This girl’s quiet, contemplative beauty is serene yet very strong – her unwavering gaze stirs up a symphony of emotions. Liz’s look is almost a rhapsody! Having worked in Tokyo for two months, where she gained experience and confidence, Liz is now ready to take on New York and then the world."

Liz has now been named by WWD and as an up and coming model, and we have to agree.  We are thrilled the rest of the industry sees in her what we do!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pulse Management Introduces: Madison and McKenna Witt

To say that we had a good weekend at the Dolls House in Hollywood, would be putting it mildly.  We have plenty of pics to share with you in the next few days, but we wanted to start by introducing you to Madison and McKenna Witt.  If you are follow Sand Volleyball, you probably already know this duo.  They are amongst the best beach volleyball teams in the country right now.

Judging from the previews we have see from their Dolls Model Management test shoot this weekend, volleyball won't be the only thing these two are known for soon.  Look out fashion world, the Witt twins are about to conquer you with the same tenacity they bring to the sand for their volleyball matches! Welcome to the Pulse Management team ladies, we think you are going to love it here.

Monday, September 1, 2014

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Ali Stephens for Chloe

Happy Labor day everyone!  Hopefully your day's plans include some relaxation while reading a fashion magazine.  Or maybe that's just my plans for today...

For today's Major Moment Monday, we are going back to the Spring/Summer 08 fashion season, when Pulse Management discovery, Ali Stephens, made a major coup.  She landed the ad campaign for Chloe (the French Fashion Powerhouse), which solidified her status as a serious model to watch.  We had just launched Ali, right after finding her at the mall in her hometown of Salt Lake City, and her career took off on a trajectory like we rarely see.  You don't have to take my word for it though, look at the writeup did about Ali's Chloe campaign here. (It is brief, but says all the words a new model wants to read about herself!)

Ali has continued to enjoy a successful career, and we are proud to be the ones who discovered this incredible model.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Natalie Keyser for VOGUE Mexico

Happy Friday everyone! Today we have a special treat for you, in the form of these incredible pictures of Natalie Keyser.  These pictures are from a Fall Fashion feature on the Vogue Mexico website.  The photos were shot by Abel Lopez, and they are pretty much perfection.  Anytime one of our models is in Vogue it is cause for celebration, but this shoot is exceptional because there are 29 images in the gallery and all of them are stunning!  Click here to see the whole shoot.  We keep saying that Natalie is at the top of her game, and these images just further reiterate that!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Guess Who?

It is Thursday again, meaning it is time for another Pulse Management Throwback Thursday.  This adorable toothless cutie grew up into a gorgeous model.  It is our one and only Georgia Weeks!  Georgia has been busy working as we detailed in this recent post.  She also was in the below photo that was on the Italian Vogue website. Italian Vogue is quite a booking for a new model, and Georgia is just getting started.  Stay tuned, we expect big things from this girl!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Almost Time!

We posted on Monday about how Fashion Week is almost here.  We know we are busy bees right now getting our models ready for the frenzy that is rapidly approaching, but we figured we would post the schedule of the season for you all so you can keep up with the madness!

-Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City starts September 4 and goes through September 11
-London Fashion Week runs from September 12-September 16
-Milan Fashion Week is from September 17-September 23
-Paris Fashion Week caps it all off from September 23- October 1

We will have models walking the runways in each of these cities, and don't worry we will keep you posted on everything, so keep checking back!

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Vikki!

At Pulse Management we know that we would be nothing without our amazing models.  We also know that we wouldn't have our amazing models without our scouts who pound the pavement for us and find some of the most incredible potential supermodels for us.

In all of the summer craziness we missed posting about Vikki's birthday.  Vikki has been scouting for Pulse Management for almost 20 years now, and has discovered some incredible models for us.  Vikki truly is family, and Pulse Management would be an entirely different company if she was not a part of it.  Whether we are making her run through the streets of NYC to catch a showing of The September Issue, or watching her scout Coachella like a hawk Vikki always keeps us on our toes, and we love her for that.  Happy belated birthday Vik, we don't know what we would do without you!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sophie Skloss COVERS Japanese Magazine

Sophie Skloss has been working in Tokyo, as you may remember from these posts.  We are so proud of her for landing the cover of Visuarize Magazine's first issue.  We love the art direction and styling of the editorial she is in.  It is perfectly fall, and Sophie looks amazing.  Turns out, Tokyo was a perfect place to send this up and coming model.  Keep up the good work Sophie, we are so proud of you!