Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pulse Mgmt's girl Rachel Cook with mom and now Grandma, in Tokyo, for the Summer!

We just love cool parents and even cooler grandmas! Thanks for naming a Turtle after me! YOU ARE SOOOOOO cute and so is your grand daughter!

Hey Stacey,

I don't know if you knew I was taking over for Kristin in Tokyo this past month. We're on the countdown for home but it's been a really great experience.

I'm sending a couple photos from when I "shot" Rachel last night. She came home with makeup from a job and it seemed like the thing to do! Plus one of Kristin, Rach and some of of CDU agency crew. I'm in grandma Heaven for sure.

I'm telling you, she's got the right stuff for this work. What a girl, but then, you already know that. She's certainly gotten over the shyness she had a year ago when I'd try to take her photo!!! Thanks.

I've put lots of stuff on Facebook so if you ever get a chance take a peek. Of course, you've seen Tokyo . But one thing you haven't seen is the turtle I named after YOU. He was cute so..........

Hope you had a great trip to Hawaii .