Friday, November 28, 2014

What Would We Do Without...

Charlee and Mari Lou Pilon

Our models' parents?  In continuing our week of gratitude, we have to say that we have been so lucky to have met and worked with so many amazing models and their parents.  We have definitely had some parents that we would like to forget working with, but for the most part our models' parents are every bit as amazing as they are.  We have made some great friends over the years with so many of them, and we consider ourselves lucky to have the pleasure to work with such amazing people.  These moms and dads trust us with their child's career, and they hop on planes and go all over the world helping their son or daughter follow their dreams.  It's pretty amazing to see.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you that reads our blog. We are so thankful for all of you, and for our amazing models and their families.  We feel truly blessed that we get to work with such amazing people doing what we love.

We hope that you all have a great day filled with food, friends, family, and love.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kristina Jordan in NYC!

In keeping with our theme of being thankful, today we want to publicly express how thankful we are for the opportunities we have to change our models' lives.  We scout our models in their hometowns, and then we get to launch their careers and facilitate their traveling to different cities around the world.  It is so rewarding for us to see our models experience new cities and cultures while pursuing a career in the modeling industry.

For example, pictured in this post is one of our newer models Kristina Jordan.  She is from Southern California, and just returned home from her first modeling trip to New York.  Kristina signed with us, and shot with Dolls Model Management just a few months ago. After her amazing test shoot our partners in New York were interested in her, so Kristina and her mom flew out for an NYC adventure.

I asked Kristina what she thought about New York and she said, "I think it would be cool to live here someday. It is so much fun seeing all of the buildings, big stores, and the tourist attractions. It does get a little colder than I expected but it's definitely worth it! It's been fun meeting the photographers and stylists.  They are all really nice and welcoming.  Mom is impressed with how kind and helpful people have been, how much easier it is to get around than I expected, and with seeing all of the places I've only heard about."

Kristina and her mom have both expressed that signing with Pulse Management and working with Stacey has made breaking into the modeling world much easier than they thought it would be. "I felt like I would be safer with an agent who would look out for me and represents my interests. Stacey is really awesome and fun and I know that I can go to him if I ever have any question. Mom and dad appreciate that Stacey cares about values and health as well as beauty. We feel Stacey has the knowledge and experience to guide my career to its maximum potential."

Lastly she said, "Our experience in NYC has been amazing! Instead of coming in alone knocking on doors in hopes off being noticed, we have the guidance of an expert team who are taking us to the best of the best."

When we read that we know that we are doing our jobs right.  We are so thankful for models like Kristina, and the abilities that we have to help shape their lives.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Update on Georgia Weeks

Seeing as it is Thanksgiving this week, we want to post about a few things that we are thankful for.  Today we are starting with this Oregonian beauty, Georgia.  Georgia signed with us, did her Dolls Development shoot in Hollywood, and has done these great shoots since.  Georgia is currently on hold for work in New York and Paris, so she has some very exciting things coming up.  We are looking forward to seeing what the New Year has in store for her, but in the meantime we are definitely thankful what she has already accomplished.  The fact that her mom is great to work with is just another thing we are counting our blessings about.

Monday, November 24, 2014

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Brittany McPhee for Teen Vogue

We discovered Brittany McPhee in her hometown in Washington, and launched her career shortly after.  Some models take awhile to gain momentum in their careers, Brittany was not one of them.  We were thrilled when she shot this editorial for Teen Vogue magazine in May of 2010.  Not only did she look incredible in the pictures, this editorial was 8 Pages, which for any magazine is a big deal, but the fact that it was for Teen Vogue made it MAJOR.  Brittany went on to shoot two more editorials for Teen Vogue, which shows that they loved her as much as we do!