Friday, April 11, 2014


Some of the Pulse Management Crew is at COACHELLA this weekend, are you there too?  We are diligently searching the crowds for future models, and who knows, maybe you are one of them.  If you received one of the flyers like the picture above and/or you were approached by one of our scouts, thank you for visiting our blog!  If you are interested in being managed by us, learning more about our company or want to pursue a career with modeling, all you have to do is send an email.  You can either email the scout who gave you their business card (their email is on the card), OR email, and I'll make sure you get set up with who you need to talk to.

If you want to know more about us, please browse this blog, and you can check out our instagram @pulsemgmt to see more about our models and the kinds of jobs our models book.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pulse Mgmt Launches Kara Beller in a MAJOR Way

Everyone, we would like to introduce you to Kara.  She is one of our newest models, and she is already slated to do some major things.

When Pulse Management President, Stacey Eastman, and his wife Shayna flew into LAX for our last Dolls Model Mgmt shoot they spotted Kara in the terminal.  They both noticed her and thought she needed to sign with us, ASAP! Unfortunately there wasn’t time to go talk to her, and in the madness of LAX they lost her.

Two days later we were all at the Dolls Shoot, and in walks Kara and her mom.  They were at LAX because they were flying in town from Minnesota for Kara’s Dolls Shoot!  Kara was scouted by one of our amazing scouts, and Stacey had actually met with her online before, but seeing her in real life was even better.

We had to change the location of the Dolls Shoot at the last minute and Kara and her mom went to the original location.  They waited there for an hour, and were sure they had been suckered into a “modeling scam”, until we finally go a hold of them and got them headed to the correct location.  

Kara’s shoot went amazingly well, and we knew that this girl’s career was going to take off quickly!  We interviewed Kara and her mom right after she finished her shoot in the video in the post directly below this one.

The Dolls Shoot was on February 28th of this year.  Fast forward to last week when we had some good news for Kara.  We thought it would be fun to video our call with her (the video above), so you could all see how exciting it is when your life potentially changes forever.

Kara’s career is taking off at lightning speed, and the fact that she is already headed to New York is HUGE.  New York is the toughest market to be successful in as a new model, and they are already asking US for HER. We sure are glad that even though originally Kara and her family were skeptical we were scamming them, (especially as she waited in a parking lot thinking her photo shoot was non-existent), they stuck with us, and look at the amazing things we have done for her already.

Working in the modeling we are usually met with a fair amount of skepticism, and we totally understand that.  There are some nefarious people out there, that want to prey on people being vulnerable, and we wanted to post this video to help show all of you that is NOT how we operate.  We scout models, we develop them, and then we send them around the world while managing their careers. Our current models can vouch for our authenticity, and we hope that this video does as well.  For Kara, her career is now a reality, and it wouldn't have been one if she hadn't trusted us.  Thank you Kara, we are happy to represent you, and we are going to accomplish HUGE things together.

Don’t worry everyone, we will keep you posted on all of Kara’s exciting happenings.

Interview With Kara Beller and her Awesome Mom

We took this video immediately after she completed her shoot with Dolls Model Management.  We thought it might be helpful for some of you to see how a model feels right after finishing her first shoot.  Little did Kara know, within a matter of weeks after her shoot she would be headed to New York to conquer the fashion industry!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rachel Cook is Everywhere!

If you've been out shopping lately, chances are you have seen Rachel Cook in one advertisement or another.  We have been seeing pics of Rachel's ads snapped everywhere from the drugstore, to Kohl's, to lingerie stores in Asia.  For a model it is alway exciting to see your work pop up in your everyday life, and the same goes for her model management. Keep up the good work Rachel!

Speaking of Charlee...

Looks like Charlee's trip is already off to a good start.  She sent us this pic this morning from her meeting at Teen Vogue.  She was (understandably) excited to enter those hallowed halls, and had to snap a pic.  No matter the outcome of her meeting, the fact that Teen Vogue wanted to meet with her is huge, and we are so proud of this girl!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

And Charlee is off to...

New York City!!!  Our New York partners have been chomping at the bit to get Charlee out there, but she had some prior commitments, and is finally on her way to NYC.  We always tell our potential models that we will work around whatever you need us to.  Whether its basketball, club volleyball, state track meets, you name it, we've worked around it.  The one thing we don't work around though is boyfriends, and most of our models' dads thank us for that! We also tell our models to stay in their regular school and keep their lives as normal as possible, when and if we book out of town jobs for them, is when we start talking about arranging for them to do their studies online.  We only want to enrich our models' lives, not take away from them. Now the time is right for Charlee, and opportunity has come knocking.  We are looking forward to seeing what she accomplishes while in New York, we just know it's going to be good!

Monday, April 7, 2014

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Danna Lee Covers Elle Magazine

For this week's MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY we are reminiscing about when Pulse Mgmt's, Danna Lee Ballard covered Elle Magazine.  This cover is from French Elle in January of 2006.  Dana Lee is a model we started when she was a young teenager, and we managed her through a very successful runway and editorial career. Everytime we see this killer cover, we are reminded of how much love we have for this girl, and what a pleasure it has been working with her for so many years.