Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oceana, elite, Pulse Mgmt. Join Supermodel Ali Stephens to raise awareness June 8th Ocean day to help save the Oceans.

*Limited edition t-shirts and art by supermodel Ali Stephens and famed artist Danny Roberts

Artist Danny Roberts was born in Newport Beach, California, USA in 1985. Danny's interest in fashion started early as he established and operated his own clothing company in his teens, screen printing his designs on t-shirt, sweatshirts, and sweats, until the end of his first year in college. He majored in photography at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, California, and Fashion Illustration at the Academy of Art, San Francisco. Robert's meteoric rise in the fashion art world began when he launched Igor and Andre in 2008. His blog, Igor+andré features Roberts' art works, videos, illustrations and commentary which almost immediately found worldwide appreciation Igor + André has been featured the US Canada, China , Australia, Europe, UK , Indonesia, Malaysia , Brazil , and Japan . Publications include the cover of The Sunday Times London, TeenVogue, Vogue Spain , Germany, Brazil , and Japan , Elle, New York Times, ThExaminer, Dazed & Confused, Spain, N*Style, Vision China, Fashion Magazine, and many web publications. Danny has collaborated with Lancome, Gwen Stephani's, Aldo Shoes, Heutchy Shoes, Sundance Channel, Forever 21, to name a few."

Pulse Mgmt's Cassi Lee, a new addition to Elite development shot by Chadwick Tyler

Pulse Mgmt's newest Stars out for dinner in NYC Amanda from Salt Lake City, Britt from Seattle, and Cassi from Chicago. You girls are amazing!

Big Love From Us!

New Face Amanda Chamberlain on Fashion Does It Better

Another amazing face has come to Elite NY from Partner Pulse Mgmt of Utah. Amanda Chamberlain has only set the bar that much higher for the next girl. Check out her link and what she has to say about our new face!


Mac & Milk Fashion Week 2010 from Kalvin Lazarte on Vimeo.

Check out Pulse Mgmt's newest star in the press.


Pulse Mgmt makes another superstar Amanda Chamberlin from Utah in NYC headed to Australia then back to NYC for the Sept. shows!

Expect great things from this one! Keep bowling sister!

The finalists sit down with SI model Damaris Lewis and chat about what it is like to be a model

Pulse Mgmt's Britt. From Washington in NYC a Superstar Period!

Pulse Mgmt's Hannah Holman French Vogue June/July

Pulse Mgmt's Danna Lee

Pulse Mgmt's Danna Lee one of the top models to ever come out of Utah! Watch this and you will see why? NO one moves like this girl! On location NYC, Germany, Korea, New Zealand , Paris, London. This is how a good model gets there!

The "IT" Girl finalists get tips on how to do their makeup by celebrity makeup artist Oslyn Holder


Pulse Mgmt's Cassi Lee, from Utah, to be the NEXT big Superstar watch and see. From love in NYC now.

Pulse Mgmt's NEXT big Superstars. Amanda Chamberlain in NYC killing it!

We know ... We know we asked ourselves the same thing. How could something so beautiful be so silly as well?

Then you have Pulse Mgmt's Sophie Seymour, end of story!

Pulse Mgmt's Utah's Sarah Savage new face expect to see great things from this one!

Pulse Mgmt's Morgan Craig "legs" From Colorado on her way to the BIG APPLE NYC!

Pulse Mgmt's Madee Proffit once an O.C. girl now resides in Utah

expect to see amazing things from this young giant in the very near future

Pulse Mgmt's new face Jessica Nazarenus may God always shine on Colorado watch what we do with this one!

Pulse Mgmt's Jaycee Crouch a whole lot of personality to boot. From Utah to NYC follow this ones rise!

Pulse Mgmt's Camille Duncan from the down under aka kanga land. Now hails from Colorado on her way to NYC watch her rise!

Pulse Mgmt new face on the rise, from Colorado, Annika Backes, on her way to NYC

Pulse Mgmt’s Rachel Proteau....5A District High School Champion in Girls High Jump as a freshman! Way to go girl!!!!

Now lets get those legs cranking the runways this season in NYC and Paris!

Pulse Mgmt's, Hannah keeps it simple in i-D summer 2010

Photographed by Nick Haymes

Styled by Havana Lafitte

The "IT" Girl finalists are challenged by celebrity hair stylist Ursula Stephen

Pulse Mgmt does it again and creates another uber super star. Jordan Stotler hails from Oregon at 5 11 she is going to be the next BIG Pulse girl.

Congrats Jordan!