Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gabrielle MORALES pulse mgmt's newest star from portland

Stacey, The other day we were outside in our yard and Gabrielle decided to climb into this big, empty flower pot , I told her she was a beautiful flower growing in the Desert! Thank You Stacey, for helping her Bloom & Grow! Her picture on the blog is so amazing, we have family and friends who can't believe that is her ! Della,David,and Lacey did such awesome work, and they were so supportive all the way through and to the end of her photo shoot!

Kimberly Morales

The newest team member to x-sports one of the worlds best ISAAC CALDIERO

Check out x-sports newest team shredder!: Christian Bourne YouTube this kid! He is blowing up

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HELENA CHRISTIANSEN no joke on her name! She is destined for Stardom!

Another Pulse Mgmt new face from Portland! The Pacific North West is where it's at this month! Great job Lacey!

New comer Lindsey Adams from Portland on the rise

Pulse Mgmt's/Xsports Pro sk8er Christian Sereika

besides big air on the Mt.Dew TOUR! Watch for kid in High School Musical $ and Upcoming Print add campaigns! I mean look at this boy!

Pulse Mgmt introducing Jessica Malafouris

Portland's Kate Bechtold another star on the rise

Utah's next new big star to hit big! New Face Amanda Chamberlin!

Utah's Amanda Storch! All legs! New Face SUPER STAR!

Stay tuned!!!!!! NYC then the world watch this one take off

Utah always comes through! New face and future star Shae Rassmussen

Watch what I do with this new face SUPERSTAR IN THE MAKING!

Seattle's Brittany Mcphee

Another new face super star in the making

Portland's Nina Heiter another Korean, watch out Hye Park.

New face on the rise Lindsey Huber from Portland

Don't know what our luck is with red but we sure are having it!

New face on the rise Portland's Elizabeth Conley

New face on the rise - Seattle's Gabriel Colburn

Pulse MGMT Sandy Kacura, from Utah, to New Zealand to Germany!

New face on the rise Alyssa Nickel

Erin Reese on the Cover, chillen on a surf board, just the way we like it!

Pulse Mgmt's Ali Stephens for French Lacoste