Friday, October 3, 2014

Karsyn's on the Move!

You all remember Karsyn don't you?  We wrote about her recently in this Major Moment Monday post.  Well Karsyn has been a busy model, and these are some images from her recent test shoots.  Our partners have been so pleased with how her photos are turning out that now she in headed for New York, Los Angeles and Paris.  Not bad for a girl from North Carolina.  Good Luck Karsyn, and we look forward to seeing your work from each of these cities, because judging from your photos lately, it will all be amazing.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Guess Who?!

It is only appropriate that today's Throwback Thursday post is a picture of a baby on the beach.  Pulse Management's Honolua Blomfield is a native Hawaiian who basically grew up on the beach. She was a beautiful beach baby, and now she is an incredible surfer who is killing it on the competitive surfing circuit.  We love seeing pictures of our Pulse Management family from before we knew them, and sweet Honolua's picture is no different!  We hope you guys all have a great Thursday, and as always if our models or athletes would like to be featured as a TBT picture, please email your picture to

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Next Up for Megan Lee...

At Pulse Management we generally try to keep our big news under wraps until something is confirmed, but sometimes we just can't keep things to ourselves, and we want to share it with you all. This is Megan Lee, one of the incredible models that we have the pleasure of managing.  We are planning to go big with Megan, and shoot for the moon, or in this case Victoria's Secret.  Some models just have the look of a VS Angel, and we think that Megan has what it takes.  Does this seem like a lofty goal, perhaps, but we have already had two of our models cast by Victoria's Secret (Hannah Holman and Tori Praver), so we know what it takes to make it with VS.  Look at her pictures, we think she'd fit right in with the rest of the VS girls.  So stay tuned everyone, we are hoping for big big things to happen for Megan.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Have You Met Gia?

We have a handful of new faces at Pulse Management, that we are excited to share with you (and the rest of the world).  This blonde beauty is Gia Whited, a native Californian, who is every bit as fun as she is beautiful.  As a model your personality can make or break your career, and unfortunately some models learn that lesson too late.  Sometimes shoots can be long, tiresome, too cold or too hot, the list can go on and on.  Photographers, stylists, Hair and Makeup Artists, etc. want to be around a model that is going to have a good attitude and have fun with the shoot no matter what the conditions are.  No one wants to be around a negative model who is going to complain the whole shoot.  Right off the bat we thought Gia has the look to be a model, but her infectious personality is going to take her far in the industry.  She rocked her Dolls shoot, and then was quickly signed with our LA partner, Photogenics.  We are looking forward to seeing where Gia goes in her career, because we know that everyone that meets her is going to love her.

Monday, September 29, 2014

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Karsyn for L'Officiel Magazine

For today's MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY we are thrilled to share with you Karsyn Bartruff's editorial for L'Officiel Magazine.  L'Officiel is a French Fashion magazine, and we love seeing our North Carolina girl grace its pages.  Karsyn has been busy this year so far, especially in Asia, and we have plenty of pictures to share with you of this up and coming model, so stay tuned!