Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcome Home Olivia!

Olivia Hamilton returned home this week from her second trip to Tokyo for modeling.  She posted the following on her personal Facebook page:

"I have to say I'm pretty proud of myself! I lived in Tokyo for five weeks alone, navigated the subway system everyday, used maps to walk places, made friends from around the globe, worked a full job while doing school, lived on my own in an apartment, and flew internationally by myself! That's quite the accomplishment for me before the age of sixteen!"

We are proud of you too Olivia! You obviously have the appearance that is needed in the modeling world, but you also have to intelligence and street smarts needed to navigate new countries and cities with aplomb.  

Rachel Cook for Jill Stuart

Pulse Management's Rachel Cook continues her hot streak while in Asia with this Jill Stuart magazine.  The fashion industry can be fickle sometimes, and a girl that works a lot in LA may not be able to book a job in Miami. As a management company it is our responsibility to figure out where our models will be the most successful at any given time and then figure out the right agency to place her with in that market.  Right now Rachel is working like never before in Asia, meaning we did our job right. Everybody wins!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ali Stephens for Marie Claire

Nothing makes us more proud than seeing one of our superstar's looking absolutely amazing in a MAJOR magazine editorial.  You would think some of the excitement would diminish over seeing Ali in a magazine, but it hasn't.  We are just as excited seeing these pictures as we were when we were first launching Ali years ago.  In the modeling world, career longevity is a rarity, and we are so proud of Ali for the work she is continuing to do.  These photos that ran in Marie Claire are as amazing as any other photos Ali has taken, which goes to show why she is still in such high demand.

Throwback Thursday: Rachel Cook on the COVER of Seattle Bride Magazine

Spring is almost here, meaning season is rapidly approaching!  In honor of the imminent change of seasons, we wanted to post this perfectly pretty cover and editorial Rachel Cook did for Seattle Bride back in 2012.  We love the colors and styling used in this shoot, and we can't imagine a more perfect model for it. (We may be more than a bit biased though) Enjoy the images, we sure did!

Andie Miller in TWO Magazine Editorials

It's a good day everyone.  We have gorgeous photos from not one, but TWO separate Magazine Editorials.  The images above are from LA Fashion Magazine. The below images are from the Designer Original Magazine.  She looks different in each editorial, but stunning in both, as I'm sure you will all agree!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Liz on Front Page for Marumasu Scarves

Pulse Management rising star, Liz Kennedy, is thriving on her first international trip.  These colorful images are from the advertising campaign she did for Marumasu Scarves.  We love the different looks of Liz in these pictures.  The colors, her expressions, and the hair and makeup combined made some absolutely gorgeous images. You would never know it by looking at these pictures, but Liz is one of our newer models (her very first test shoot was only a few months ago).  We are anxiously looking forward to what she has up next!

Rachel Cook for LG in Korea

Rachel Cook is cleaning up on her trip to Asia!  She shot this commercial for LG, and while we don't know Korean, we can still see how amazing she looks in the commercial. An LG Ad Campaign is a nice addition to Rachel's bank account, and we bet she is smiling all the way to the bank.  We have a lot more to post about Rachel in Asia, so stay tuned!

Daphni Hilton for U+ Magazine

Do you all remember our girl Daphni Hilton? She has been modeling in Hong Kong for a little while, and her absence definitely made our hearts grow fonder. Especially after seeing these pages from an editorial she did for Singapore's U+ Magazine. We love the dichotomy of the innocent look image above with the darker more dramatic image below. We will definitely be seeing more of Daphni in the future, because when she is taking pics like these she is going to be booking up fast.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Carson on the Cover of Pink Revista Magazine

Do you guys remember this post, with the behind the scenes video of Carson Bruner's cover shoot for Pink Revista Magazine?  Well, the magazine is in, and we are loving seeing Carson smoldering at us from the COVER.  We have a feeling this is not the last time we will be seeing Carson on the cover of a Magazine.  Maybe she will be our 20th cover of Vogue?

Natalie Keyser for So Brit! Forget Them

I couldn't help myself, I only posted the below video of Natalie a few minutes ago, but I have to do another Natalie post.  Look at these still shots from her shoot with Forget Them.  They are too good to not post right this second.  For the other details about this shoot, see the post directly below.  Make sure you watch the video too, its awesome.

Natalie Keyser in Commercial for So Brit! - Forget them magazine

Sometimes we just think our models are cool, Natalie Keyser is one of them.  She has been with us since she was 12, and her career is still going on strong.  We have always thought highly of Natalie, but seeing her in this commercial for Forget Them Magazine makes her seem even cooler (for lack of a better word).  She exudes effortless stylishness, and she has never looked better.  Natalie is in high demand these days, and you will be seeing a lot more of her on this blog because she is on a roll.

Video Credits:

art director: Giorgio Codazzi
videomaker: Lorenzo Montanari

stylist: Michele Bagnara
make up artist: Claudia Marchetti
hair stylist: Noelia Corral

stylist assistant: Martina Festa

models: Natalie Keyser & Mayya Skripchenko

Monday, February 24, 2014

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Ali Stephens for Exceptionnel de Chanel

Happy Monday everyone!  For today's MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY, we are going back to 2008 when Pulse Management discovery, Ali Stephens, did this incredible video for Chanel.  Any contract with Chanel is a huge feat, but one for Chanel cosmetics is beyond.  Other faces for Chanel cosmetics have been Keira Knightley and Nicole Kidman.  Luckily, Utah born and bred Ali Stephens fits right in with this stunning video.  We were ecstatic when she signed the contract, and we still get giddy when we watch this video now.