Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pulse MGMT loves MOMS like this!


A few weeks ago, Della and her team came out to SLC for a test shoot for the latest and greatest girls selected and handpicked by Stacey from the last open call held in March. I wanted to take the time to tell everyone at Pulse Management how incredibly impressed I was with the whole process and for giving Annie the best experience of her life! 

 From the Open Call, where Annie and I learned so much about the modeling industry, to Annie making the "cut" and signing on with Pulse, every step in the process was fun and exciting!   Stacey, you made everyone laugh and you set us at ease!   In addition, all the professional materials provided to us helped us both prepare for the test shoot with Della, as well as know what to expect in general.  We also emailed Melinda with updated mug shots and measurements of Annie for a specialized critique and she responded quickly with her ideas. 

On the eve of her photo test shoot, Annie came down with a bacterial eye infection that interfered with her ability to make the time slot with Della.  After speaking with Vikki, Shayna, and Della, Annie was able to be photographed on the last day of the test shoot. Thank all of you for working with us and for being patient and flexible with both me and Annie as we were naturally disappointed in the timing of her eye infection.  

Della was absolutely perfect! She made Annie feel so comfortable, beautiful, and will leave an impression on her for life. 

Thank you , thank you, thank you! 

You guys really do ROCK! 

Julia Harper (Mom)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pulse Mgmt's newest star Poem!

Pulse Mgmt's twins Anna & Katie Fisher in this June & July Seventeen Mag. How cute there bff's bought it first and gave a shout out! Expect Big Things!!!

Pulse Mgmt has been very very blessed to represent such amazing family's with integrity, honer and just plan amazing parents to boot. God bless you and us in our endeavors!

Anna & Katie's Seventeen Magazine Images were added to the Heffner Website today!

Hi Stacey!
Thank you for your AMAZING positive attitude and your incredible unwavering devotion to Anna and Katie!  They want to be be Supermodels and make you proud!!! We appreciate everything you are doing for Anna and Katie and are so happy that you and your family were at Great Wolf Lodge at the same time our family was there over the Christmas holiday in 2010, when you and Shayna discovered the girls!!!  We feel very fortunate to have you managing the girls career. We think you're GREAT and we let everyone know it!!  Keep refering your model moms to talk to us about our experience working with Pulse Management. 
The girls are doing a photo movement workshop at Heffner tomorrow night to work on perfecting their best angles behind the camera, so that they can hit those angles easily when they are modeling.
We hope you are well and look forward to talking to you about your plans for Anna and Katie.  The girls are planning to take on-line high school through Running Start at Bellevue College and Brigham Young University, so that they can be available for modeling jobs and traveling. They both registered at Bellevue College through the high school Running Start program for their junior year starting this September, and plan to take an on-line class this summer through BYU.

Let us know if there is anything you would like for Anna and Katie to focus on for modeling.
Anna, Katie and Kristi