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Check Out Ali Stephens Vouge Top 10

It was a season in which the most coveted slots were reserved for the comeback kids (Mariacarla Boscono, Isabeli Fontana, Erin Wasson, and new mom Natalia Vodianova). But there were still plenty of fresh faces to see—and challenging names to try not to mispronounce. Here are ten of the most memorable, from Lithuania's Edita Vilkeviciute to Ukraine's Lera Sheremata.

This Utah high school student and track star sprinted onto the runway only a few weeks after getting signed. Following a Prada exclusive, she wrapped up the season with an enviable Paris show list.

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Ali Stephens + Calvin

A special thanks to Style.com and New York Magazine.com for their coverage on Calvin Klein Exclusive and one of the most sought after models in the world, Ali Stephens.

The Model Watch Interview

THE MODELWATCH INTERVIEW: Stacey Eastman and Pulse Management

PULSE MANAGEMENT: Innovative Model Management on the Cutting Edge

ModelWatch profiles the San Diego-based modeling agency that thrives on sheer beauty, personality and talent.

By Jed Medina, January 2003


PULSE MANAGEMENT: Innovative Model Management on the Cutting Edge
ModelWatch profiles the San Diego-based modeling agency that thrives on sheer beauty, personality and talent.

By Jed Medina


Seldom do we visit a website that left us in awe- not just for the stunning imagery it presents but for the simple yet innovative way that it explains itself. If you happen to visit PulseManagement.com, then you will realize just how important it treats its audience. The mere quality of the website is more than enough to convince anyone of the agency's seriousness and zeal as one of the frontrunners in the modeling industry.

But there is more. Pulse Management happens to be the brainchild of Stacey Eastman, one of the industry's most prominent and prolific agent/scout. People in the know described Eastman as a no-nonsense individual who invest his time with his models, maintains close relationships with agencies around the world and provide the leadership and inspiration to his thriving modeling agency.

As the Pulse site declared: "Pulse was created as a management firm, born of twenty years of experience. Wherever you look - Milan, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, our footprints are there."
More than a statement of fact, Pulse simply declared what it's all about and what it is capable of accomplishing.

ModelWatch is especially proud to bring Pulse Management to our viewers, as its latest agency on spotlight.

MW: I guess you have heard of this before, regarding the reaction of people on the Pulse website. Stunning, we should say, for lack of a better word! Tell us, how did you arrive at the concept for the Pulse agency website? Any particular inspiration?

SE: Yes, actually. I have always been heavily involved in extreme sports- surfing, hang gliding, snowboarding, basically anything I can do to check my 'PULSE' after a major rush. Fashion and marketing mixed with global jet setting and striking the next hot deal reminded me a lot of that life! Hence, Pulse Management was born!

MW: We have heard of this term before 'complete Model Management Company', how does this apply to Pulse?

SE: I left art school early to dive head first into the European industry. I was fortunate to have worked with some of the best who's who of fashion from designers to agents, photographers, make-up artists, producers and so on.

We also saw a lot of crap, though! So I decided to hang up my hat booking and shooting and to literally take personal care of a select few that have the maximum capabilities.

Stacey Eastman, on a trip to Maui, in the Hawaiian islands, making sure that there's adrenaline rush in everything he do.

To make sure the entire world does what it says it's going to for them. We handle our client from start to finish and beyond! I have flown around the world with a client and her mom simply because they were new and didn't want to be alone. We are a conduit for the individual, found either by ourselves or coming to us via our reputation, to the global power players. We are humble yet confident, small yet globally recognized. Basically we take care of the client from start to finish and make sure the world does as well.

MW: People have mentioned the fact that you started out in another city (is it Salt Lake City?), that your change of location is a strategic response to the growth of the agency, could you enlighten us on this issue? Perhaps, we could also learn more of the agency's history?

The sunset at Pulse Management's office in San Diego. We'll let the picture speak for itself...

SE: As said before, started in Europe. From there to NYC, LA, then SLC. Why SLC? My brother found huge amounts of film productions there due to amazing locations and the Sundance Film Festival. So he handled film and I found some of the most amazing faces on earth there! After all this is where I met my wife.

Not to mention it is a killer outdoor playground! Slickest snow on earth and the hang gliding! We moved back to southern Cali because the surf (little hard to do in SLC) and to be close to all of my family. Our business has always had a uniqueness about it, not to mention global staying power due to our past travels and experiences. But we have been blessed! After retuning home to San Diego, we have grown the company into Arizona, Las Vegas, and Portland. Next Seattle, Hawaiian Islands!...who knows? The world! Yes to expand beyond our wildest dreams. We also have now partnerships in NYC, Paris, Milan and London.

MW: For the past 20 years of representing models and dealing with the Fashion industry, what would you consider some of the most lasting impressions you have of models, modeling and fashion in general?

SE: For sure is seeing what this industry can and has done for so many hopefuls. I have seen kids have more than their dreams come true!

I have seen them raise their GPA and be able to afford to get into some of the best higher learning institutions in the world. Speak four to five different languages. See other cultures and customs they would have never been able to see in ten lifetimes.

MW: Describe your 'model ideal' what should she/he look like? On a related question, what qualities are essential before you take in a model?

SE: There is no ideal look. You have to be creative to see it. Number one quality for us is personality. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more critical.

MW: In particular, what are the qualities you look for a male model?

SE: I don't know how to tell you. When I feel it I feel it. Sometimes I am wrong but not often. It is either a curse or a blessing. PERSONALITY again. No rock stars!

MW: On a more personal note, what's your definition of fashion? What is it all about? How do you describe your 'personal style'?

SE: Whatever someone is comfortable in, just make it slam. It should always speak! FASHION SPEAKS! My own personal?...wow dude. I am a serious chameleon. I will go from the boots country Ralph Lauren to Armani, Hugo Boss to the surfer Hurley & Vans all in one day. It's what you feel and no one should be able to tell you otherwise. So Joan Rivers, what's up?

DAN KILPATRICK: Rockin the Scene!

Pulse Management's latest sensation is on the Details December 2003 issue, yeah, he's that guy on the frontpage!

Says Pulse Management President, Stacey Eastman: "Hold up! We must give it up for a kid named Dan Kilpatrick. Found him five months ago working around ASU in a campus record store (no, not CDs). This kid is the next hottest thing. Steven Misel just shot for Italian Vogue. He just shot December's issue of Details featuring Tom Cruise. He is booked for Dior in Paris, Jill Sander, Prada, and on hold for Calvin Klein. Did Marc Jacobs show.

Heck! he did nine out of the fifteen men's shows last season in NYC! More than any veteran out there. He's off to London, Paris, Italy and then to return to NYC for this next men's fashion season.

MW: Tell us some stories, success stories of some of your top male models?

SE: (Okay, but only if you tell this story in its entirety! It will blow your mind!) I must say there is one instance that takes the cake and that is a guy named Dustin Olander who was found by Vikki Leza, one of my top directors.

My wife and I had tickets to the David Bowie/Moby/Blue Man Group concert in Irvine but couldn't go because my wife had just given birth to our first child- a daughter!!! (For sure in daddy's eyes 24/7! And yes, if she wants, we will manage her as well. After all you should see my wife!)

Anyways back to Dustin. So I sent Vikki kicking and screaming in my wake. It wasn't her scene so she decided to look around at all the interesting people. Slam! There he was- full-sleeved tattoos with jet-black hair. Others would have passed him right by, but not how I train my scouts and directors. So she talked with him then called me.

Jetsetter and Pulse Management President Stacey Eastman shown with his wife: The couple on a cruise.

Knowing I like a challenge, she said she found this punk rock kid who builds pools in Orange County, doesn't have a dime to his name and may even need a ride to meet me, but he was amazing! When we met, we just rapped about Bowie and other things. I dug this kid immediately!

We set up a shoot and pounded the globe with his images. To all of our shock, no one, and I mean no one, felt the same. We kept the faith. Sent him to London where the fashion is a little harsher. Sent him to Italy, Paris, Germany: zero interest.
They all shot him down. And I am talking the best of the best. Sent him back to London where he had his last dime stolen from him.

So we arranged for him to go to NYC. Blasted him to everyone and: bad news. All said he wasn't what they were looking for. He called me thinking nice try but we were wrong about him. I told him I had way too much faith and that the industry just doesn't know what they want yet. All the while, trying not to let on how freaked out I was about feeling so strongly with nothing happening.

He agreed to stay in NYC and get a job, but only if we nailed something quick. Three days later- boom! One of my old mentors in Italy had just gotten back from vacation, saw my e-mail, and flipped out. Shortly thereafter he was on a plane bound for Italy. He opened the runway show for Dior. Prada, Gucci all where taking notice. Steven Klein (one of the top photographers in the world) called asking for Dustin to shoot Italian Vogue with Naomi Campbell. Dustin had no idea who Naomi was.

Three days after that, the fashion editor of American Vogue called to book him. Steven Klein called again, and hold on to your pants: wanted to know if Dustin would be cool shooting with DAVID BOWIE! Dustin talked, broke bread and on and on with Bowie. Dustin left the next morning for Paris runway show.

Then Bowie dug him so much that he requested Dustin to shoot with him again. He was on the red eye out of Paris back to NYC. Dreams do become true! Have faith no matter the adversity! It may not always look the way you want! But it will and can happen!

Hold up! We must give it up for a kid named Dan Kilpatrick. Found him five months ago working around ASU in a campus record store (no, not CDs). This kid is the next hottest thing. Steven Meisel just shot for Italian Vogue. He just shot December's issue of Details featuring Tom Cruise.
He is booked for Dior in Paris, Jill Sander, Prada, and on hold for Calvin Klein. Did Marc Jacobs show. Heck, he did nine out of the fifteen men's shows last season in NYC! More than any veteran out there.

He's off to London, Paris, Italy and then to return to NYC for this next men's fashion season. Watch out boys! this kid is going to be it!

MAKING WAVES: Dustin and what its like being with Pulse Management-
A lot of them out there do not seem to really know what they are looking for. I was turned down by every major company there was. They all said "too this" or "too that".

I guess they are all pretty cool. You just have to have somebody that really knows what they are doing. Being managed by Pulse, they have worked their ass off and believed in me when the entire world did not. Every one of those major players have come full circle and tried to either negotiate or snag me for representation.

I am still with Pulse and will never leave.

Lastly Karen Kay, Katelynn Reeves, Marty Alred, Dana Wess. The list keeps goin! Our girls ROCK!

The people responsible for making Pulse to what it is today- the agency's staff just behind the surf of San Diego.

MW: Who are the agency's new faces? Who are these guys you believed will soon 'rock' the modeling world?

SE: Anyone under the new faces section is a new face. The ones to watch are under the management section?..sorry don't mean to be a $%^&, but we are simple like that. What ya see is what ya get! If it isn't there today, check your 'Pulse' tomorrow because we are never done looking.

MW: We constantly asked for the 'next look', the 'faces of the future', is there a way to determine which way the Fashion industry will go in promoting the look for the coming season?

SE: The great thing about fashion is how rapidly it changes. Here today, gone tomorrow! If we had a crystal ball, we'd be making even more bank. The best way to describe it is like surfing. Wait and watch, get ready and paddle when it goes BIG!
MW: How important is maintaining relationships with agencies around the world. In particular, what have been some of your experiences when dealing with agencies in Milan, Paris, London and New York?

SE: It is the most important aspect. With time zone differences, people jumping from one company to another, don't have time to sleep. This is a very creative industry and if the grass is greener- people are on the move 24/7. A lot can be made but only through the respect of relationships you obtain. EGO is the number one problem! But so it is with life as well. Bottom line when not with my family I live on a plane!

MW: Future plans?

SE: For another day, just know it is happening and it will be BIG for that is how we live our lives!

AGENCY CONTACT INFO: Pulse Management operates in California with offices in Arizona, Las Vegas, and Portland. They also have representation in NYC, Paris, Milan and London.

They are located at 300 Carlsbad Village Drive Suite 108A, #31 Carlsbad, CA 92008-2999 with tel 888.727.6569 .

The agency can also be contacted by email using http://www.info@pulsemanagement.com.
Visit their website at http://www.pulsemanagement.com/

This is the word doc version of the article that appeared in ModelWatch: Male Modeling on a Global Scale website. Our website is at http://www.model-max.com/

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Ali Stephens Video Interview

Model Ali Stephens, one of the most wanted girl of the season, sits down with models.com's, Wayne Sterling

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