Friday, November 21, 2014

Look Out New York!

Liz, Olivia, and Carson in NYC

Being a model is an interesting life, especially for a teenager.  If you're lucky you pack your bags and leave sometimes for months at a time to work in other cities and countries.  If you are in high school it can be hard to leave behind friends, sports teams, etc., and since most of your hometown friends aren't models it can feel a little bit lonely.  Thats why we encourage and love it when our models become friends. It is comforting to have an ally in a new city, and it also makes everything more fun.  It also is helpful to have someone else to talk to who understands the whole world of modeling, because they are trying to navigate it too.  We have seen a ton of pictures of Olivia and Liz together, and it makes us so happy to see two of our favorite models as best friends.  Olivia is from Colorado and Liz is from Minnesota, and luckily modeling (and Pulse Managment) brought these buddies together.  While in New York recently they met up with another Pulse Management discovery, Carson Bruner.  Carson has been modeling a little bit longer than these two, so they probably enjoyed learning the ropes from someone with more experience.  Keep taking these selfies girls, we love seeing how much fun you're having!

Olivia and Liz found a new friend!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Liz Kennedy in NYC

Man oh man, the heavens were smiling down on us when we found Liz Kennedy at a concert in Minnesota.  We have always known that Liz has the potential to be an incredible model, but her latests pictures are even better than we hoped for.  She is currently in New York City and these are some test shoots she took while working with our New York Partner, Fusion.  She is up for some pretty incredible jobs right now, so everyone keep your fingers crossed for this beauty.  She is on the cusp of something major if she books it!

Also, she now has a profile on, which is a huge accomplishment for a model.  See her profile here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Emma Landen for Jazmin Chebar

We have seen our share of beautiful pictures in our day, but these images of Emma Landen are simply stunning!  They are from the Jazmin Chebar Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign. Our scouts discovered Emma in her hometown in Colorado and she has gone on to work in New York, Miami, and she shot this ad for Dior.  She signed with IMG Models, one of the biggest agencies in NYC, and the world.  These images just show what we saw when we discovered her as a 12 year old, a beautiful model who has the potential to do huge things!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sara Grace Kelley in Hong Kong

We have posted multiple times about how much we love when our models go and work in Asia.  The money is great, and they get a ton of experience in front of the camera.  Pulse Management model, Sara Grace Kelley, has spend months over in Hong Kong and she did some pretty amazing work over there.  The pictures above show some of the jobs she did while in Asia, including this shoot she did for Vogue Italia.  Below are the final images she did for a client in Hong Kong.  We posted a behind the scenes look for the photo shoot here.  We love seeing the behind the scenes pictures and then comparing them with the final photos.  Great work Sara!

Monday, November 17, 2014


Hopefully today's post changes your opinion about the having the Monday blues.  For Major Moment Monday we are going back to the Fall/Winter 2013 of I Love Fake Magazine, when our girl Hannah Holman not only had an 8 page editorial, but she was on the cover! I Love Fake is a fashion magazine that is based in London, and they are known for having a very keen fashion eye. Case in point, we're pretty sure this is the only time we've seen Hannah with blue hair in a magazine.  Click here to see the rest of the photos from the editorial. These pictures of Hannah are edgy and beautiful, and we thought they were worth sharing with you!