Friday, September 11, 2009

A thought from owner Stacey Eastman and Supermodel wife Shayna Eastman

You know, many people often ask me, can you really do this? And do you really have the abilty to do it for me? We will try and YES I do. Funny how when some do not make it however they lay blame on others. Yet we have the top 5 stories alone on, mind you the most powerful and independent fashion news souce out there. Bottom line not everyone can and or will make it! Even though we may see their potential! Welcome to life. For those that can well the proof speaks for it self doesn't it.

For sure!


"Success comes to those who become SUCCESS CONSCIOUS."

"Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become FAILURE CONSCIOUS."

THESE ARE an astounding statementS, and all the more so, when we take into consideration the popular belief, that riches come only to those who work hard and long

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Anna Norheim - -

Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Vena Cava
Anna Norheim

Witness Elite’s Neo-Classical splendor
With two of the most coveted girls in fashion right now (that would be Dree Hemmingway and Miu Miu face Hannah Holman) Elite swings into the Spring shows flashing a full spectrum of must have talent

Elite Sweep

What do these three pristine new Elite belles have in common? Apart from first names starting with M’s that is. That would be the kind of fresh faced beauty and long lone lines that will drive casting directors mad come the Spring 2010 shows. There must be something in that cool mountain air in Utah that makes for immaculate skin. Expect a stampede to that Salt Lake City sensibility this week.

Elite/Kahuna Longboards

Coco Rocha with agent, Micki from Elite. (All pics Betty for MDC).

Elite/Kahuna Longboard launch Coco Rocha with agent, Micki from Elite. (All pics Betty for MDC). One of the reasons we love Elite New York is their constant commitment to charitable causes. Last night they teamed up with Lord & Taylor and surf and skateboard company Kahuna Creations to benefit the Women in Need charity in NYC. The

Hannah's Heart

Hannah Holman. Image courtesy of Premier Model Management. (Also with Elite New York).
It’s that time of year again when the new faces machine starts to rev its engine. Crackling high on OTM’s SS/10 radar is Premier’s Hannah Holman, the beauty that just closed Prada’s last resort show. This Utah beauty is getting a looooot of requests right this minute. Trust!

Pulse Mgmt's Stacey Eastman and supermodel Hannah Holman in NYC fashion week 2008

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on for show season 2010! Pulse Mgmt does it again with Hye Park and new comer Erin Cummings

Trump has a perennial runway star in the form of Siri and has consistently platformed elegant girls like Hye Park and Uliana onto the chicest runways of the city. That has cued every casting director in town to scan this board rigorously for fresh girls with that element of surprise.

There is a great taste-point that filters the scouting at Trump and the evidence of that is the promise inherent in models like Clara Settje, Anais and Alla Arenas. OTM is equally excited about the prospects of Anna Cleveland now that she glows with a new spirit of self-possession.

North Carolina based artist Stewart Sineath provides the visual statement that seals the back of the card. The sentiment “We are honored to share this collaboration and hope to inspire and highlight the fine line between fashion and art” is a sentiment that will ring true for fashion’s defining forces.

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being writen up on Hannah Holman from Utah, Ali Stephens from Utah, Anna Norheim from Washington, and new star Kim Smith from Utah! Way to command the runways girls!!!

With two of the most coveted girls in fashion right now (that would be Dree Hemmingway and Miu Miu face Hannah Holman) Elite swings into the Spring shows flashing a full spectrum of must have talent.

That is probably why the accompanying graphics for this SS 10 show package renders the girls in classic black and white, bracketed between an immaculately clean front and back card. Signaling her transition from shy teenager to self-possessed young woman.

Ali Stephens looks ready to claim her destiny as a must-have while Coco Rocha shows why she can work the camera like very few of her peers can. Catwalk favorite Egle looks perfectly soigne in her imaging while Tanya D telegraphs why she will always remain a runway staple. Her pristine skin, body lines and poise mark her as one of those girls who make clothes all the more incredible.

As is our compulsion, there is great excitement in shifting throw Elite’s incoming faces to see who might claim a Spring 2010 moment. Will it be the poetically beautiful Magda Swider? Or is it girls like Anna Norhim, Lisanne DeJong or Kim Smith who will capture the imagination of New York’s directional designers.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pulse Mgmt's supermodel in rising Erin Cummins from washington in NYC for fashion week and . . .

being managed by Pulse Mgmt partner Donald Trump and Trumo MGMT - with her sweet mother.

Thank you Russ for raising such an amazing kid! From all of us at Pulse Mgmt

Looking forward to meeting you someday Stacey to thank you for all you have done for my daughter. Thanks again
(aka)Supermodel Erin Cummings dad.

Pulse mgmt's little love and superstar Rachel Cook - from Washington killing it in Japan