Friday, October 2, 2015

New Photos of Hazel

These pictures from Hazel Reynolds' test shoot with Matthew Priestley are pretty much perfect. You may remember Hazel from this post where we explained how she got started with us.  These photos are just what a test shoot should be.  Simple styling that lets the model take center focus.  We love it when our models have a shoot with Matthew Priestley, because the photos are always phenomenal additions to a model's book.  Keep up the good work Hazel, we know you have great things ahead!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Alex Romney in Miami

Alex Romney is one of our models that no matter where she goes, we can count on her to have fun and a positive attitude while she's there (remember this post!).  After spending her summer in Europe she is now working in Miami.  These pictures are from a shoot she did recently with Miami-based photographer Eugenia Carolina, and we are loving them! Model management is all about figuring out which markets will be best for each model at a given time, and we think that Miami is going to be a great fit for this beauty.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bree Hannemann's Trip of a Lifetime

Pulse Management model and scout, Bree Hannemann is currently on a trip most people only dream about.  Keep in mind she already lives (with her darling family) in Hawaii, but now she is on a trip for the next six months where they will visit about 10 countries.  We are loving following along with her journey on her instagram, she is currently in Tonga.  Feel free to follow along for more beautiful pictures (she's also a photographer), and updates on her adventures.  Bree, don't forget to scout us some supermodels while you are traveling the world's best beaches!

Our New Star is Stacey!

You all have seen our posts about our models, but it looks like Pulse Management President, Stacey Eastman, is one of our newest superstars!  These pictures are from when he attended the premiere of Inside Amato by Furne One, during fashion week.  We posted about the premiere here, just in case you missed it.  Now we have to get our hands on the video of Stacey's red carpet interview, and you better believe when we do we will post it for you all to see.

We were honored to attend the premiere and support Fashion News Live's Rocco Leo Gaglioti as he screened his film.  We are continually impressed by the red carpet and backstage coverage that Fashion News Live produces, and if you haven't seen it make sure to check it out here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Teen Vogue #modelmonday featuring Sophia Skloss

Pulse Management model, Sophia Skloss was recently featured in Teen Vogue's #modelmonday compilation.  #modelmonday is a recurring feature on Teen Vogue's instagram, where they show some new faces in the modeling industry that they have requested to see and deem noteworthy.  Seeing our model Sophia Skloss pop up in the slideshow recently was exciting to say the least!

Sophia just wrapped up Milan Fashion Week, and we are looking forward to seeing what she does next.  This girl is on a hot streak right now, and we don't see any signs of it (or her) slowing down!

Side note: You may remember that two of our other models (Georgia Weeks and Hazel Eakman) were featured in #modelmonday as we posted about here.  So clearly, we are huge fans of #modelmonday.

Model Testimonial: Emma Harris

We know that a lot of people who read our blog are people who are interested in beginning their modeling career, and sometimes are a little unsure about how and where to begin.  When we met Emma Harris and her parents in New York City for a Dolls Test Shoot, we had to shoot a video of them because we thought that their perspective and point of view would be helpful for other potential models (and their parents!).

You may remember Emma from our previous posts, and how she was scouted by us twice!  What you may not know about her, that you see in the video, is that she has protective parents (like so many of you do!).  We see so many models with protective parents, and as parents ourselves, we totally understand where they are coming from!  The modeling industry is intimidating and is notoriously wrought with scams and scandals, so when we see skeptical parents we aren't the least bit surprised or phased.  We actually posted this to help people more efficiently research us (and any other companies) online.

What we love about Emma, her parents, and so many other of our models' parents, is that despite their initial worries or hesitations, they do their research and then trust what they see from our actual working models and their parents' testimonials.  It is completely normal to be intimidated or a little afraid before embarking on a new journey like modeling, but our models that have found success are the ones who take the first steps anyway.  They decide trust us to lead them in their careers.

Emma's dad is a detective.  Seriously, he does detective work for his profession, and he found us suitable for his daughter's model management.  So please watch the video and hear from the Harris' in their own words, why they decided to work with Pulse Management.  We would like to thank the Harris family for agreeing to do this testimonial, and for being so awesome! As you see in the video they are fun to have around, and we are so excited to have a working relationship with them, as well as a friendship.

Photos by Timothy Rosado

Monday, September 28, 2015

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Liz Kennedy on the Cover of French Revue de Modes

Some major congratulations are in order for our model Liz Kennedy.  She is perfection on the cover of French Revue de Modes issue for Fall/Winter 2015-16.  This is Liz's first magazine cover, and it is a major modeling coup to be on the cover of French.  Models like Cindy Crawford, Coco Rocha, Behati Prinsloo, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Pulse Management discoveries Hannah Holman (two separate times), Ali Stephens (three times), and Hye Rim Park (one time) have all been on the cover of this magazine.  French Revue de Modes is known for choosing models before they become household names, and they are viewed by many as a predictor of the next crop of major models.  

We are not surprised to see Liz on this prestigious cover, we have always thought of her being on the covers of magazines as an eventuality.  That doesn't mean that we aren't over the moon excited for her though! It is so fulfilling to see a model that we scouted, developed and now manage achieving success.  Liz, you look amazing, and this is the first of many covers we will see you on!