Friday, January 9, 2015

Liz Kennedy's Polaroids

We ask our models for updated polaroids all the time.  In fact we wrote THIS POST about models and polaroids, and if you didn't read it, it is definitely worth clicking and reading.  Periodically we will post some of the polaroids we receive, so you all can see what they look like.  These pictures are of Liz Kennedy, one of our most promising models, and with one glance at these pictures you can see why!  What makes these polaroids so successful (besides Liz) is the simplicity of them.  The makeup, clothing, background, and photography are all very basic, which is exactly how a polaroid should be.  So the next time you are asked to provide polaroids feel free to use these as inspiration, because they are practically perfect.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Then and Now: Meagan Lee

Meagan's first comp card from her Test Shoot with us

With Christmas and New Years Day both falling on Thursdays, it has been a couple of weeks since we posted a TBT: Then and Now. It is fun to write these posts and see our models when they first started and remember what they were like when we met them.  Its like seeing their career unfold right in front of our eyes, again! Meagan Lee is a hot commodity in Los Angeles, New York and Miami these days, and you can see why.  Usually a model that is successful in Miami, is not in New York and vice versa, because the markets are so different.  Meagan is very unique in the fact that she works in both markets, because she is versatile enough to fit both looks.  We are looking forward to seeing what is up next for Meagan, because with her it really could be anything or anywhere!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kristina Jordan for Tinsel Tokyo

Do you remember when we introduced you to Kristina Jordan a few weeks ago?  She had her test shoot with Dolls Model Management in the fall, and a shot from it was featured in Tinsel Tokyo magazine.  More recently she booked an editorial with Tinsel Tokyo and we are loving what we are seeing from the shoot.  Anytime we get behind the scenes pictures, we are happy, because we get to share with you all a little bit of what goes on to achieve the pictures you see in magazines.  Rodney Ray photographed the shoot, and sent us a few of these outtakes.  If these are the photos that are not being used, then we can't wait to see the ones that are used in the magazine!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ashland's Test Shoot and Testimonial

One of our favorite parts about working in model management, is discovering new talent and developing them as models.  We recently had the pleasure of working with Ashland at her Dolls test shoot.  Ashland recently signed with us, and recorded the above video sharing her journey so far, and she says why she decided to sign with us.  Ashland, you and your mom are awesome and we are looking forward to working with you!

A behind the scene video of Ashland's test shoot

Monday, January 5, 2015

Natalie Keyser on

Today is the first MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY of 2015, and we have a great one for you! Back in July of 2014 Pulse model, Natalie Keyser was featured HERE on  If you are not familiar with, let me just say that it is one of the must-see daily online destinations for the fashion industry.  It's a big deal.  For this shoot, Natalie was styled by Lauren Goodman, who has been at the fashion helm for magazines like Domino and the Wall Street Journal.  The whole shoot was pretty major and the fact that it was on makes it even more so.