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XSPORTS Rock Climbing Team

Introducing our newest XSPORTS star Daryn Edmunds


Check Out Ali Stephens @

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Elite Models, UTAH??

by cherrybomb at May 2, 2008, 11:31 AM

It sounds like a truck showroom but Elite Models, Utah -- slated to open May 30th -- is the prestigious modelling agency’s newest satellite office. Head honcho Neal Hamil says it will turn out "tall, wholesome types” like pretty baby Ali Stephens (pictured left) whose lucrative contract with Calvin Klein proves that, once you get past the prairie gowns and pompadours, those Mormon girls are hot. Hamil told gossip ghoul Cindi Adams the models would be kept in a townhouse where “our people live with them and mentor them." In what? Tilling, quilting and vogueing?

Ali Stephens in January Vogue

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Sundance Film Festival Video Coverage

Click on the Title Sundance Video Coverage and Check out an exclusive inside video of the Private elite and Pulse MGMT Party!

Red Carpet Event Sundance Film Festival 09



~Founder of two of the industry's VERY top web sites and fashion , art, film publications WORLD over! And dear friend WAYNE STERLING "the" and

~Dear friend gold medalist xgames gold and all around icon of sno and sk8 needing zero introductions Shawn Mr. White!

~Grand Daughter of an American icon and Author Ernest Hemingway and daughter
of ex supermodel and actress Merlyn Hemingway and supermodel and actress herself and being managed by us our amazing host Dree Hemingway.

~Last but not least president of Pulse Mgmt and partner to the global 30 year global dominating fashion /film empire Elite Model Mgmt Stacey Eastman.








ALWAYS GOING BIG NEVER GOING HOME. Unless its to play with our 5 amazing children Alec, Armon, Lily, Gabriel, and little man Holden. God bless

Market Station and Pulse MGMT and elite Helicopter

Yo...yo check it out! What's it all about? It's Stacey Eastman's passion
and or....just flying to an interview true story ask him some

Market Station Elite/Pulse MGMT Helicopter! Wait till the logos and paint
job! There will be nothing like it in the sky!

So come fly with us!

Dree Hemingway

Very special guest and host of the first ever fashion @ Sundance on mainstreets film fest. ELITE/PULSE MODEL MGMT party. Grand daughter of American author and icon Ernest Hemingway daughter of Meryl Hemingway. Dear friend and SUPERMODEL /ACTRESS
Dree Hemingway.

Stacey Eastman , Dree Hemingway and Shawn White at Stacey Eastman's privatefashion sundance film party.

Celebrities Show up To Elite/Pulse MGMT Private Party

And many many many other celebs at pulse mgmt/elite Sundance party. Colin Ferrel, Elja Wood, Woody Harrelson, dj scribble, Ralph Lauren's boys. And the list keeps going!

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson and Shayna Eastman. Jeff being the top casting director for
film and commercial such icon film's as high school musical 1,2 and 3. casting for every major studio from l.a. to nyc Sony, Paramount, Disney,TriStar, Fox, MGM, Lighthouse. You name it, and also our very very Dear friend.@ Sundance Pulse Mgmt/Elite Party

Perry Ferrel of Janes Addiction

Front man Perry Ferrel of Janes Addition spinning for Stacey Eastman at pulse mgmt & elite's Sundance party.

Shawn White

Sundance Film Fest 09 exclusive elite Pulse MGMT party friend and needs no
introduction Sno and Sk8 icon Shawn White.

Downstairs, Sundance Film Festival

Ryan Hiel supermodel event guru and Sundance venue owner. Super star manger Stacey Eastman partner and president elite / pulse mgmt. friend and sno sk8board god Shawn White. At Stacey Eastman's private elite/pulse model mgmt Sundance film fest. Party @ the Downstairs venue Park City, Utah 09

Smashing Pumpkins Show Up

Smashing Pumpkins Rock stars show to private Sundance party of Stacey Eastman!

Sundance Film Festival

Stacey Eastman with Idol growing up Donavon Eastman, his brother, and girl friend
Mindy Memmott at Sundance party.

Sundance Film Festival

Childhood friend and Blood brother to Stacey Eastman. Doc. Roland Dimick and girl friend Amy@ Sundance Film fest. party.

Sundance Film Festival

Shayna Eastman wife of elite partner and president of Pulse MGMT Stacey Eastman and models Katie and Megan Volpi

Danna Lee @ Sundance Film Festival

President Stacey Eastman of Pulse MGMT and partner of elite at the first
ever fashion party @Sundance film fest 09. with supermodel Danna Lee managed
by Stacey Eastman

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Pulse MGMT in the press Sundance Film Festival

Click Utah Stories to read article and to Watch the Shawn White Video (Stacey Eastman kickin it with Shawn White, pro snowboarder)

by Richard Markosian

We conclude our investigation at ten to four in the morning. We interviewed many of the girls working for Elite Modeling and stayed late in order to provide the complete story. It was a tough assignment but we completed it for our readers.

Shaun White and Elite Models

The morning ended with us trying to get one last shot of Woody Harrelson, who arrived at the party at around 3 am. Woody's press agent didn't want us taking any pictures of him. Harrelson was surrounded by ladies, some dancing on the table. Way to go Woody!

What we found was surprising, as the night progressed and the party reached a cresendo none of the Elite Models appeared drunk. We found out from one of the girls we interviewed that Eastman had told his models that if they got drunk they were fired-- they obeyed. No drunk models to report, no stumbling ladies attempting to dance. Everyone we met was very courteous, only a couple of the models were drinking.

We interviewed about 10 models and they only had great things to say about Stacey Eastman and Pulse Management. BriAnn Rachele told us that after she was recruited by Easman, Pulse Management sent her to Paris to learn her new trade from the best in the business. BriAnn just turned 21, but she said she wasn't drinking anything tonight.

folk muscians at Sundance

Jonny Glines attended the event and he landed a great interview with Olympic gold medalist for snowboarding Shaun White,. Shaun had great things to say about the Utah girls he agreed that there was something special here. "I mean wow!!". White attended the party with Elite model, Dree Hemingway.

We will have more to come on this story including complete interviews with many of the models we met. Watch our interview with Shaun White and Dree Hemmingway and Stacey Eastman. We will also have some great footage with DJ scribble and Jane's Addiction star Perry Ferrell spinning records.

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Pulse MGMT/ elite in the World Press at Sundance Film Festival

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Submitted by Wayne on Mon, 2009-01-19 18:43.

Being out of context is a heady thing and since Saturday night when I touched down in Salt Lake City I've been so out of context it has led to self-enlightment. That hit me on Friday night when my party, spearheaded by Miss Dree Hemmingway was cutting its way through the mobs clogging Old Main Street. We were climbing up the steps to this Italian restaraunt when a tall blonde man exclaimed "Oh My God.Look who just strayed in." It was a family friend of Dree's who was in town for the proceedings and so he steered us over to another group who quickly circled Miss Hemmingway, battering her with questions about her Mom and sister and Idaho and Sun Valley. I spoke idly with a few of them..y'know... idle chitter chatter on the level of "So how long are you here for?" ("The weekend." ) and "What do you do?" "I'm not too sure ," I ventured , "Officially I work as an editor . But really, I'm thinking I should be a stripper." One of our combined group, a strong featured woman with the most patrician voice ever looked over with an eyebrow raised. "Its recession proof," I finished . After dinner I found out it was Jodie Foster. I'll respect the privacy of the parties involved and not relate the night's entire bitch wit conversation but let's just say Jodie Foster is real and lives up to expectations.

The Sunday morning light that washes down on the snow fields of a high mountain town is unforgiving of my hangover. I bolted awake at 7.30am feeling like a vampire. But staggering out to the back of the house where we were staying we found an amazing view (Super-blue skies, snow capped mountains, three story townhouses, winding roads, a ski-lift two blocks away and our own jacuzzi) . The night before, we had swung over these same mountains on a quick trip from the airport to Park City by helicopter and the Rockies had been misted over by the layered shadows of the night . Now in the high white daylight you could see that Park City was also ski heaven. So clear, so clean, so pure. I don't know about skiing but long boards are very directional. TI would take up snowboarding just for the jumpsuits and goggles.

Later that Sunday morning, plunging through the throngs again on a search and destroy mission for coffee it hit me that a whole micro-culture was swirling around us and we were not involved. Our involvement was entirely about bringing gothic starkness to a snow wrapped mountain vista. Think isolated figure in big black Rick Owens winter coat with witch hood trudging through knee deep snow in goatskin boots and skintight Nom de Guerre jeans. Though this crowd was not driven by twisted fashion moments . Sundance on first glance is very Fashion Week convention frenzy with snowboards, ski-lifts and cinema. Hundreds of independent films were hunting for a home. The walls thick with layers of flyers and posters ...the promotional get-ups and giveaways and branded lounges (Britta, Asolut, Myspace, Southwest Airways, Ed Hardy,) attested to that. Thousands of actors, directors and writers were courting (or being courted ) by agents and managers and publicists in these little cafes and brassaires all over town. The real rock stars were the acquisition teams from the Hollywood studios . You could tell them by their very good coats with the little fur trim. Like feathered birds fluffing and presenting, the burnished men and women of Hollywood were throwing down their power and privilege in the form of a fabulous coat. Which is why it was funny watching the scatttered paparazzi littered about the street when Dree would go by in her thinspiarational black skinny jeans, swathes of ash gray scarves and black leather jacket under Patrick Ervill black alpaca hoodie. Click. Click. Cliiiiiick? In due time dudes

That the Sundance Film Festival is about FILMS was properly brought home by IMG's head honcho Ivan Bart. I ran into him at the corner of Main and Hessler. He was in town ring mastering the six ring circus that had sprung up around the short "Acting For The Camera" directed by his boyfriend, Justin Nowell and starring Dutch model/actress Mallory June . After that Page six blurb a whole frenzy had sprung up around the film and it was very charming watching Justin's sweet bewilderment about the abrupt Hollywood frenzy. At a hurried brunch (the waitress clearly couldn't wait for next week's return to normalcy) I chattted with Justin, Mallory , Thomas Nowell (the screenwriter) and Grant Greenberg (cinematographer and co-producer). I got a crash course in how the Sundance career game is played out via short films as well a fantastic heads-up from Ivan on a couple of the essential screenings to catch, the favorite being "Hump". More on that later. For instance if it wasn't for Thomas' insider scoop, I would have blown off a 7.00pm Chris Rock dinner. His film, inspired my his daughter's hair drama was a mega-hot ticket . I sat and wept in my wine when the group went off to a 5.30pm "The September Issue" screening about the behind-the-scenes of the making of a US Vogue edition. I had seen a glimpse on and wanted to watch Grace Coddington throw withering stare after withering stare at uncouth documentary cameramen but had no ticket. That is what is great about being out of context. A new matrix. New variables. A new chessboard to master. Next time.

But my reason for being in Sundance was the Elite Sunday night bash hosted by La Dree . At the last minute we decided to dress down but accessorize up. She went plaid shirt, gray cape,leather jacket and that ponyskin hoodie but with heels, not boots. Totally Alexander Wang. TI...wore the same [crap] from the morning . At the door of the club is a milling mob. Because it is a private party it has turned into the center of the vortex that is all these damn parties up and down Main Street. The party for ex Guns n Roses' axman, Slash ends? The kids swoop down here. The Vice magazine party winds down? The kids come flocking. How Stacey Eastman kept his poise, charm and mind I don't know but that is one lovely human being given how he sorted out that madness. We make our way downstairs into a motley crew of film indies, snowboard aficiandos (board pro Sean White is in the house), heads like Elijah Woods and Colin Farell, the West Coast Elite kids, the director of Crash, and some local kids straight out of Ralph Lauren central casting . We find a comfy couch by a fireplace with a library as back drop. Odd, mad, New Yorkers start skidding our way. One really beautiful publicist boy pops out a digi-cam with a snap of him with Paris Hilton. "Is she here!" one of the kids asks quivering with excitement. "No, she's down the street but I told her to head over after wards" . Suddenly bluegrass fiddling music comes over the speaker and all these pretty little kids with pristine mountain air skin start to hoe-down to the beat. It is so insane it becomes directional. "Oh My God. I feel like I'm at Beatrice!" remarks Dree. See! You always got to put new experiences in context.

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Pulse MGMT in the press

Click On the Title To see the article "Utah Stories"

How Utah Stories was invited to report on Sundance Film Festival's most exclusive party full of super models.
Super Models and Stars at Sundance
January 17, 2009

by Richard Markosian

Never did I imagine that Utah Stories and Entertainment Tonight would be mentioned in the same breath. But now we both have something in common -- we are the only two news providers invited to cover one of the most exclusive parties during Sundance--the Elite modeling agency party.

This might come as a surprise seeing how Utah Stories has never done a single story on the entertainment or modeling business nor have we ever done any stories on celebrities or paparazzi style news, so why are we invited? We had no idea until we met a man named Stacey.

Stacey Eastman operates the new Pulse Management Elite modeling office in South Salt Lake. Yesterday Eastman told us they chose Salt Lake City to open their next office "because Utah is a mecca for gorgeous girls." Eastman says that his biggest hurdle opening in Salt Lake City is demonstrating to those who he is recruiting that his modeling agency is very different. Unlike many less reputable modeling agencies Pulse is not out to scam people for thousands of dollars for classes and head shots.

Eastman decided that by inviting Utah Stories -- with our local emphasis and reputation for debunking the con artists and scams -- he could get the story out that Elite and Pulse Management are different.

Eastman says unlike other modeling agencies, he never asks his new recruits for money. Instead, he will often pay to send his recruits to New York where they will go through an intensive session of head shots from top photographers, and runway walking lessons from the best in the business.

"My problem is the reputation that others have created in this business." Eastman is a practicing Mormon who doesn't drink and won't work with any models who use drugs or abuse their bodies. Eastman says that often his "ground team" will find recruits, who brush off the notion that they are serious when they say they can make them a model. Eastman says this is due to the number of scams out there.

Eastman recently recruited Ali Stephens from East High School. His talent scouts located Stephens at the Gateway mall took a few snapshots, brought her for an interview and convinced her LDS Father and Mother that he could make her a top model. In the past few months Stephens has traveled to Paris, Milan and New York for photo shoots for Prada, Vogue Magazine then walked the runway for Chanel and Louis Vuitton, all while maintaining her studies at East High School and running track.

Entering Eastman's office, we were skeptical. Eastman was in his glass office talking to a young lady and her father and mother. By all appearances Eastman was giving a very animated sales pitch. Eastman was late for our appointment and later we found out why. Eastman believed that he could make the young girl into a modeling star, but her father was apprehensive. Eastman said that he had to convince her father that not all models end up "coked out and anorexic" that with the right balance top models can live very happy stable lives. Eastman was very pleased that he had convinced the girl's father and mother to sign a contract that would begin the process to get their daughter on the path to becoming a fashion star possibly like Stephens.

So what is in store for Utah Stories' coverage of the Elite Modeling party? Eastman ran off a list of celebrities and top models who would be attending, two of which are Victoria's Secret models. Without knowing the first thing about the business none of the names were recognizable. But the invitation mentions music by Perry Farrell and DJ Skribble some headline names are Dree Hemingway, Lydia Hearst and Noemie Lenoir. We hope to provide short interviews with each of these people.

I told Eastman how uneducated we are in the entertainment world and he recommended we follow Entertainment Tonight--good advice. I asked Eastman to write me a permission note to my wife because I didn't believe she would be so pleased about the idea of me attending an all night party with models -- he didn't write the note. So I begrudgingly said to my wife, "I'm sorry, it's a tough job but somebody has got to do it." Luckily she understands the lengths a reporter must go through to get the story.

Monday morning read Utah Stories' first installment of what we found at the Elite party. By Wednesday we will have video interviews with some of the models and celebrities Jonny Glines and I meet.