Wednesday, October 29, 2008

X SPORTS Jake Greenhalg



PULSE MGMT and ELITES new HELLA boarding and client COPTER. Wait to see the new paint job and full wrap logos coming soon over the entire copter.

October 22, 2009

Mr. Steve Aste
2200 South Main Street
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

Re: Helicopter Flight Services

Dear Mr. Aste:

At the end of May 2008, I was fortunate enough to participate in the official groundbreaking ceremonies of the Market Station project. Our participation involved the delivery of several dignitaries via our jet helicopters. We also were able to use our aircraft to serve as a jumping platform for the base-jumper that also was part of the festivities. I believe the night was a tremendous success and was befitting the magnitude of this most auspicious occasion.

Since that time you and I have had some rather forward-thinking discussion as to how our two firms could compliment one another. I believe we have reached a conceptual understanding as to how beneficial our helicopter charter service and your entertainment, retail, commercial and residential project can work cooperatively together as Market Station moves into full construction.

I have been extremely supportive of Market Station since the day I realized the scope of what was going to take place on what is now vacant land. I have known for quite some time that the smart, savvy developer would see the huge advantage of locating a sizeable; mixed use development at the very location you are building your project. The diverse nature of Market Station will indeed change the face of the City of South Salt Lake and bring about a substantial “shot in the arm” to the City’s tax base and population center.

The idea of an inner city heliport brings an even higher level of urban, upscale professionalism that will compliment the entertainment component of your development. I envision our helicopters providing an array of services for both Market Station/Z-Partners as well as a myriad of helicopter-based services that could be available to local government, citizens, commercial leasing entities and retail consumers. The following is a short list of some of the services we can offer:

• Executive transport from Salt Lake City International Airport to Market Station
• Ski Resort shuttles from Market Station to all Mountain Resorts
• Movie studio aerial photography and film support services
• Heli-base for local law enforcement’s helicopter aero bureau
• Scenic rides and charters for hotel guests and retail shop visitors
• Support helicopter for Elite Modeling Agency with the Elite Logo customized into the helicopter paint scheme

It is my desire that the focus of this aircraft be specifically targeted towards the marketing efforts of Elite and Market Station. We are currently in negotiation with a local news station that will place one of our helicopters into their news operation. They have been open to co-sponsorship opportunities and I could see a marriage of Sky Park, Market Station, Elite Modeling and this television station as a real win-win for all involved.

In the short term we are finalizing our plans to provide Christmas Light Tours out of the Market Station vacated street that we discussed earlier. Local radio and television outlets have expressed interest once again in promoting these flights. We had great success last year and with the move to the new landing site, our visibility will be even greater than last year.

As mentioned earlier in this correspondence, I firmly believe that your project will bring about a huge amount of success to all entities that share the vision and opt in for the long haul. The concept is sound and we feel our participation with you is commensurate with the high end retail and commercial client base that you are striving to reach.

We have many details to come to terms with but my partners and I are anxious to move this project forward and our spirit of cooperation will overcome any and all challenges that lie ahead.

I look forward to a successful, long-term partnership and wish for all the success you have worked so hard to achieve.


Steven F. Foote
Vice President Marketing and Sales
Sky Park Helicopters L.L.C.

Cc: Tony Fizer, C.E.O., Sky Park Helicopters
Bruce Cummings, Flight Operations Manager, Sky Park Helicopters