Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Russh - Pulse Mgmt' shard hitting hannah

client: russh
source: forums.thefashionspot.com
published: april 2010

Pulse Mgmt's girls cover the walls of the hollowed halls of partners elite models NYC!

Check out what Pulse Mgmt has done with Utah's Ali Stephens. On The Fashion Spot.

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Fresh and innovative, but altogether outlandish

From the moment Ali Stephens walked out in the first look at Danielle Scutt, you knew you were in for something playful and innovative.

Known for her use of color, this season was no grand departure for the designer. With the exception of one rather outlandish pom-pom adorned scarf, the collection was playful and fresh. There were plenty of polka dots and a ouch of metallic.

Pulse Mgmt/ Elite models Angela Martini, Dierdre Reimold, Kate Bock, Michelle McCallum, Adriana Caye and Nuria De La Fuente at the Hublot brunch

at Cipriani Wall Street