Thursday, September 20, 2012

Pulse Mgmt's Shelby King! A Mike Ferraro (Owner of Ronix) Referral

Partner and Owner of Ronix Wake and Voda tramp boards and dear friend Mike Ferraro just introduced us to 15 year old Shelby King, who will be joining the Pro Wake Ronix Tour in the Spring of 2013!

Hi Stacey – My name is Shawn and I am the father of Shelby King.  She has been working with Mike Ferraro owner of Ronix and sponsor of my daughter and he suggested we contact you, cause you literally are the best at what you do! and stand for a hire power which as you don't in your industry or ours. Shelby is planning on joining the Women's Pro Tour this coming Spring.  He said you would be a great person to contact about representing her in some form.  She was injured for part of the summer, so we wanted to wait until she was better before reaching out to you.  We recently had a few photos of Shelby taken, which I have attached.  Additionally, you can read more about her at  I look forward to speaking with you.  Thanks,  Shawn

Pulse Mgmt's Hailey Hasbrook from Portland killing it!

Pulse Mgmt's Erin Cummins cover for 2b (Bebe)