Friday, July 31, 2015

Pulse Management Girls on the Go!

 Andrea Steele

This is definitely turning out to be a hot summer for some of our models!  We posted about Andrea Steele in New York a few weeks ago, and now she is headed off to Tokyo.  She has a contract there and we can't wait to see the work she does during her trip.  We have sent many of our models to Tokyo including Ashland, Liz, and Olivia and it has been a pivotal place for each of their careers.  Good luck Andrea, we are so excited for you!

Mia Speicher and her Mom

Yesterday we posted about one of our new models, Mia.  Keep in mind she just did her first test shoot last week.  Things are moving fast for this beauty because within a week's time she and her mom are headed out to Miami where we saw a lot of interest for her.  Sometimes things move quickly for a model, and sometimes it takes a little bit of time to gain some momentum.  In Mia's case she waited five years to do her test shoot, but now that we finally got some professional pictures of her things are moving quickly.  Have fun in Miami ladies, hopefully you get a little time on the beach in between castings and photoshoots!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pulse Management Introduces Mia Speicher

We are the first ones to understand when parents come to us with concerns about getting their child started in modeling.  It is an intimidating industry that is notorious for having people trying to scam the uninformed out of their money and sometimes away from their moral code.  Stacey and Shayna Eastman (President and COO of Pulse Management), and not only a husband and wife team, they are parents to six lovely children, so they fully understand all of the responsibility that comes with parenting.  It is also why they don't take the responsibility lightly when it comes to managing a model.

As you will hear in the video below, we waited quite awhile to finally do a test shoot with Mia.  It took five years (FIVE!), from when we first scouted Mia in Colorado for her to come and do a test shoot with us.  We patiently waited and answered and questions and concerns that they had, and finally we are able to get this girl's career going!

We didn't know if we were ever going to get a chance to work with this beautiful young woman, and we are thrilled that we are now managing her!  Good things come to those who wait, and Mia we are so excited to get going with your career.

Mia and her Mom


Pictures from her Dolls Shoot with Timothy Rosado

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pulse Management Introduces Katie Isenbarger

One of our favorite things about our Dolls Test Shoots is meeting our new models and finding out where they are from and what made them decide to have us do their test shoots, and eventually manage their careers.  Katie and her mom Jill, joined us at our last shoot from Indiana.  She is stunning in person, and her shoot with Timothy Rosado was nothing short of amazing in our opinion.

We also loved hearing about how, like Ava and her mom mentioned yesterday, the trip to NYC was good for their relationship and they were enjoying spending time together.  Not to mention when we notice or hear about our models becoming friends with each other it makes us so happy!  There are so many instances and portrayals of women being competitive with each other and seeing each other as "the enemy", we love seeing even teenage girls evolve past that and develop friendships with other new models.  These friendships will prove to be meaningful and so helpful throughout their careers because they can relate to the unique and exciting lifestyle that modeling comes with.

Thanks for joining us Katie, we are looking forward to managing you!

Katie and Jill
Some of Katie's Polaroids

Images of Katie by Timothy Rosado

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pulse Management Introduces Ava Becker

We just wrapped up another Dolls Model Management shoot in New York City and to say we are excited about the new models we photographed is a huge understatement.  We are going to dedicate blog posts the next few days to introduce you to some of our new faces.  

First up is the stunning Ava, who we discovered in Kansas.  In the video below she and her mom share how they were scouted, and their experiences with Pulse Management.  We know that a lot of people who read our blog are interested in modeling, so we want to share with you our new models' experiences in their own words.  

Before the models start their photoshoots we take some polaroids of them, and then they get to work with the insanely talented photographer, Timothy Rosado.  Timothy and his hair and make up team work their magic on the models, and then they send us the finished images, and they are incredible.  

We loved Ava's polaroids, and her pictures from Timothy show us that she has so much potential in modeling.  We are looking forward to managing this beauty because we can see her having an exciting career ahead.

As a side note, we loved in the video when Ava and her mom mentioned that they loved the photoshoot and trip to New York together as bonding time.  At Pulse Management we are really invested in our models, and not just as working models, but as people.  We know they are young men and women with families and other interests, and we don't take that lightly.  Hearing that our photoshoot helps bring family members closer together is just the icing on the cake for us!

Video of Ava and her mother

A Sample of Ava's Polaroids

Some of Ava's Images from her Dolls Shoot with Timothy Rosado

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hannah Matthiesen in Vogue

For today's Major Moment Monday we are going back to December 2011 when Pulse Model Hannah Matthiessen appeared in British Vogue. Alexander McQueen's lead designer Sarah Burton was being featured in a piece and Hannah was cast as the model to appear in the photo alongside the designer.  If you remember, Burton catapulted to stardom after she designed Kate Middleton's wedding dress, while newly at the helm of McQueen.  This Vogue article was a huge moment for both Burton and our model Hannah.

We discovered Hannah in her hometown in Oregon, and her career took off quickly.  One highlight was when she was one of two models selected for a private showing of a designer's line for Anna Wintour (Editor in Chief of Vogue).  I can't even imagine how exciting and nerve-wracking that must have been!

We look back on this Vogue feature and are still so proud to see one of our models in a feature of such a talented and respected designer.