Friday, December 9, 2011

Pulse Mgmt's Nicole Wills, a star from Utah, to rise brightly! Scouted By Lacey Hevern

Pulse Mgmt's Jenna Kurtz, from Iowa, among the best new comers in the world has to offer! In China at ELITE MODEL LOOK

Pulse Mgmt's Savannah from Oregon With Donald Trump Mgmt NYC on her way to Tokyo

Pulse Mgmt's Supermodel McKenzi Hendricks , from Oregon

We have mad mad mad love for her! She is as sweet as she is fierce down the runway and or in shoot for a job!

There are very few models, let alone people, like this anymore!!! GOD BLESS YOU MACSTER ALWAYS

Hi Melinda, thanks for the clarification on Stacey. Here's why we're asking. McKenzie takes her classes for school on line so isn't tied to a regular academic schedule. Since we live close to Grants Pass, McKenzie wants to go down to Stacey's next week and help him. We know he's got six kids and that his wife owns her own company and is also busy, and this accident has got to be traumatic for everyone. Stacey knows McKenzie well enough to know she's absolutely responsible and mature and McKenzie feels it is the least she can do considering all the time and effort he has put in for her on her behalf. She really wants to help in some way.
My sister lives in Grants Pass and is coming to visit us this weekend and going home on Monday, December 12th, and could take McKenzie down with her, and take her to Stacey's either Monday afternoon/evening, or Tuesday morning. I've told McKenzie that she should Facebook Stacey and ask him, but it would be nice to get your opinion, too. What do you think?

Pulse Mgmt's: Director for The Pacific North West Lacey Herevn's Testimonial and why she works so hard to make DREAMS BECOME REAL!

Pulse Management has been the best working opportunity ever! I get to travel to places I would have never gone on my own, like corn fields in Nebraska, and Red Rocks in Denver. I have met so many amazing girls and families along the way and have had the chance to see how their lives change in so many good ways. It has been great getting to know people from different backgrounds of life and see how they handle the opportunity.

As far as Stacey Eastman, he has been such an amazing manager. I see how he really cares about our girls, and their well being before their success. He has such a great family of his own and cares about the families of the girls that we represent. He has been there for me in ways that go above and beyond what normal boss would.. Helping me out and supporting me when I have had to make some hard life choices, even if he was not getting the better end of the deal with the outcome. He has become family to me. I have been able to see my girls walk down runways in New York, ride a cruise ship to Cabo, intern with NYC photographers that would not have given me the time of day, get up to the front row of my favorite band Incubus and drool over Brandon Boyd, and get nailed in the head by the skateboard of Bucky Lasek all because of the opportunity I have had in this job.
Thanks Stacey for having faith in me, being patient with me and investing your time and money in me as a scout. You and your family a so dear to me and I will be loyal and work hard as long as I'm am with you....which i hope is forever as long as you stop taking such big risks on those boards dang it! Your getting to old for that man we all need you alive.


Lacey Hevern
New Faces Director