Friday, February 8, 2008

In The Press

Happy New Year! We hope you all had an incredibly peaceful holiday season and are ready to rock it in this upcoming year!

This is it…our first official E-mail Newsletter! Previously we kept simple model updates on our website, but at our talent’s demand we are now sending it directly to you. You will receive this newsletter at least every quarter to keep you updated on special events and to celebrate those who have kept the faith and worked hard to succeed in this risky business!

VIBE @ Pulse Management

The Management Board at Pulse has and will continue to focus on the global aspects of the talent’s careers working with the top designers, editorial and catalog magazines available. To better serve you, we have opened a new division called VIBE @ Pulse Management which is designed to utilize local venues to jump start the careers of new talent by using advertising firms, motion picture projects, fashion shows and print work available in their local markets.

Under my direction, Brett and Sherri Vance will be handling VIBE. They have my complete trust and belief that they will be providing a greater platform for you to begin your careers. Keep on the lookout for a letter specifically from them detailing their objectives.

Just a side note… Scouts and Directors have spent many hours working on your behalf…endless hours at malls and concerts, phone calls, e-mails, not to mention many prayers! They do not get paid until you rise to your potential. Please be so kind as to pass on your thanks to them for the work they have done for you personally.

The Management Board: A Force to be Reckoned With!

We are in more markets than ever! Texas and Idaho have been added to our crazy schedule. Ronda from Austin has been a major player in this growth. We love those Texas girls.......oh yeah….and three boys! Idaho has been slow to go, but they are kind of behind the times aren’t they? Even so, we have found some great new talent there as well. Arizona and California are always good markets. We just opened Oregon a year ago and have been blown away with the natural beauty in the scenery as well as the girls! Utah always takes the cake though with the sheer number of beautiful and talented individuals!

Our many other global partners and alliances are stronger than ever! Beyond the gracious Tokyo market, we have just blown into two other emerging markets in the Asian world that are proving to be massive strong holds: Bangkok and Singapore. Soon to come…Shanghai.
Our European stronghold is unmatched. My European marketing tour for Paris, Milan, London, Spain, and Germany for all of you will come in early spring for the late spring and summer contracts! The list of those contracts will come in the next newsletter. Hit that treadmill!

The end of 2004 was an epic placement year for Pulse and those that have entrusted us with their career! The following is a list of those who landed contracts during our last marketing trip to NY 12/19/04. You thought waiting was tough? Be careful what you ask for! Welcome to the big leagues! It gets even tougher from here! (As a matter of a fact some of you may actually find this out for the first time from this letter. No worries…Stacey will be calling you with details.)

Chelsea Hursley, in particular, is on her way to being a SUPER STAR! She has been with us two months and has read for a part in a major motion picture and more importantly just nailed two massive contracts: NY/Paris/Italy with our partner Woman Mgmt (mind you one of the very most powerful leaders in the entire fashion freaking world) and with our Hollywood partners, Smashbox. Can’t wait to see what else


Boss Models with offices in NYC, S. Africa, and London ! (here it is! we just nailed contracts for the following)

ARIEL TUSTIN- TX (just made the list today congrats)
Elizabety Dykkestan – OR
Brynn Kaiser - CA
Colleen Monahan – OR
Kristy Nelson – UT
Natalie Devine – UT
Lucinda Allen – OR
Brittany Clay – CA
Aubrey Shaw – ID
Jamie Zabel – CA
Kimberly Isaacs – OR
Lacey Purkey – UT
Erika Valencia – CA
Courtney Armga – OR
Jennifer Grundy – AZ
Aspiree Stathis – UT
Sam Snow – UT
Rebekah Root – AZ
Dustin Olander – CA

DNA Models main office in NYC
Martie Allred – UT
Sawyer Berrett – UT (depending on polaroids)
Jonathan Allen – (depending on polaroids)
Todd Coroles – AZ (depending on polaroids)

Woman Mgmt with offices in NYC, Paris, and Italy

Danielle Keenan – OR (depending on polaroids)
Anna Ankers – Denmark
Chelsey Hursley – ID
Todiana Vasquez – UT
Jamie Agne – AZ (depending on polaroids)
Lauren Sutherland – UT (depending on polaroids)
Alyssa Neverline - UT (depending on polaroids)

Smashbox in LA
Chelsey Hursley - ID
Alyssa Neverline – UT
Todiana Vasquez – UT
Anna Ankerstein – Denmark
Danielle Keenan – OR (depending on polaroids)
Jonathan Allen – CA (depending on polaroids)
Erika Valencia - CA


There are many other contracts that are pending due to new polaroids being needed. If you did not see your name this time, keep the faith! Sometimes it comes right away, for others it takes time. We’re continuing to pump your images just as much as ever. Keep the faith and keep in shape mentally and physically!

Trump Model Management and “The Apprentice”

Trump Model Management is owned by Donald Trump and is one of our many partners. I had my fifteen minutes of fame as I was the only manager and/or agent in the entire fashion world to appear on “The Apprentice” outside of his own company. I was flown in, wined and dined….well, watered and dined is more like it! There are only a few of us in the industry who don’t drink, but the 9.2 billion dollar man himself does not drink either! You can view the 6th episode by logging on to…. WWW.APPRENTICE@YAHOO.COM I didn’t even tell my own wife who won that contest because of the 5 million dollar contract I had to sign.

I just spent two more days with Trump right before Christmas. We have some pretty massive things planned with him for 2005! If I told you now I would have to kill ya so stay tuned!

The following is a short homage to some of the more notable works by our talent and your peers from just the past few months. Forgive me if I forget your job….I am just going off the top of my head and have way too many to remember!!!!!

DUSTIN OLANDER:- Has shot with Naomi Campbell, Stephen Meisel, David Bowie, Steven Klein, and just shot another 8-page editorial Dec. 28th-30th! Freaken rock star! Just signed with Boss men…the male super model agency in NYC, S. Africa, and London.

HYE RIM PARK: First season did 9 shows including the largest designer at LA fashion week! More than any new girl from anywhere! Just signed with Trump and had requests from Cosmo and Vogue her first week. She is going back to NYC for the BIG SHOWS in Bryant Park. Watch for her to become the next biggest Asian model of the year!

ANN POLL: Had bounced around from agency to agency. Immediately upon signing with us, she landed her first speaking part in a major motion picture and is up for another one! If she would ever leave Utah, she could be a top surf model.

BEN STEPHENSON: Just nailed exclusive contract with Why Not in Italy and Bananas in Paris which are two of the most powerful men’s high fashion companies in the world. He is headed for the Italian shows.

CURTIS RUMMEL: A&F, Vogue….think of it and the Utah kid is doing it! We switched his contract from one company to DNA in NY and he is blowing it out. On his way to the Italian shows as well.

DAN KILPATRICK: Just nailed a $30,000 contract for Japan for 6 weeks. He’s #9 on the list of male supermodels! ( HE IS AS WELL CK ONES NEW MODEL FOR ALL PRINT AND TV)

HELLE GRIMMER AND DAUGHTER ANNA!: Just signed this stunning duo. She is only 11 yrs old! Watch for her this year! (THE FEARSEST MOTHER AND DAUGHTER TEAM IN THE WORLD!)

JULIANA: Just signed with Boss Models and they are blowing her bigger than life…literally! Here’s her billboard in NYC, S. Africa and London. They are rolling all of their dice with her.


There are so….sooo….soooo many more! Again, if I neglected to mention you this time, don’t hate me! I’ll get ya next time. You know I love you! (And I know I’ll be hearing about it.) You can always visit our website at to see the newest MAGAZINE COVERS, JOBS and images.

Keep the faith! Keep the love! Just tell the skeptics, jealous high school friends, and neighbors who wish their kid could do it….”Bite Me!” Your dreams can become reality!

Wait until you see what I do with you and some of your kids this next season! I AM GOING TO BLOW SOME OF YA ALL AWAY!
God bless and always my best to you,

Stacey Eastman- 760. 801. 2648
san deago . salt lake . phoenix . portland . austin . boise

Pulse MGMT Bio

Natalie Keyser +

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ali Stephens +

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Interested in being seen by Pulse

Importance: High pulse needs updates shoot digitals asap and email them!

Pulse management

- Photos should NOT be professional
- Use either a digital, disposable, film, or polaroid camera.
- Background should be plain (Preferably white) wall
- Wear a two piece swimsuit
- Keep hair natural
- Do not wear makeup (lip gloss is ok). We want to see your natural beauty!
- Photos should include some with your hair up and some with your hair down.


Shoulders and above:
-forward no smile
-forward smile
-both profiles

Waist and above:
-forward no smile
-forward smile
-both profiles

Full length:
-forward no smile
-both profiles
-back shot

: &

What Pulse Can Do

New Salt Lake City Office

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Faces Of The Present

Faces Of The Past

Want to Scout for Pulse MGMT, XSports MGMT and partners elite?

Thank you for your interest in scouting for Pulse Management. We are partnered with the largest fashion, film, TV and music management companies in the world. We operate out of Los Angeles, Miami and just opened a new office in New York City. Our Corporate office is located in Oregon, due of course to our life style! The uniqueness and the power we possess has blessed us to be able to manage the likes o some of the very highest paid models in the entire fashion world! We hold the exclusive partnership agreement with Elite Models World Wide see ours in the only privately held company on all of Elite’s world wide blogs and corporation identity, Not to mention being commissioned with the likes of Donald “TRUMP” Mgmt. And Cover Management, Paris, Whynot Mgmt Italy and Agence Press ranked the second largest fashion agency in the fashion industry for all of Asia!….. And many others! Get a better idea Google Ali Stephens, and Hye Park this will give you a very good example of what we do better than anyone in the world!

Our income is from commissions by booking individuals for the likes of the top surf clothing designers to Vogue, YM, Seventeen, Elle, Calvin Klein, Armani, DKNY, Disney, ABC, CBS, NBC, Tri-Star Pictures, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Guess, Abercrombie & Fitch, Gap, Target…you get the idea. There are no upfront fees paid to us for representation. Nor do we make money by charging people for modeling classes, some Internet hussel, or conventions, portfolios or otherwise. On the contrary; we educate an individual and market them by giving them the information they need. NOT WHAT THEY DO NOT NEED!

To remain in competition with the world’s leading firms, we must consistently find new talent. This requires “educators” more so than “sales” people. Those with a great personality and skills to explain who we are and what we can do for their career. Scouts must be able to attend venues where a large gathering of people attend such as sporting events, high schools, junior highs, and concerts. You can also find talent walking down the street, church, even the grocery aisle!

Scouting requires a great eye for marketable talent. You may ask what is marketable? This is determined ultimately by the manager and is a trait you can develop through trial and error. For a better idea, please familiarize yourself with our website at Go to the icon that reads “ABOUT” read who and what we are. Then click on “CLIENTS”, followed by “FAQS”. Lastly, view the “DISCOVERIES” and SUCCSESS links to give you just a small sample of what we have done with the findings of other scouts. Please also check out our partner’s website located on our “Links” page.

We are only interested in the individuals that are extremely motivated to learn, grow, travel and have fun! Additionally, we look for those who enjoy helping those with true marketability be successful and have their dreams fulfilled as well. We are a leader matched by few in the lucrative entertainment industry.

After you have taken the time to research our company and the materials attached hereto, serious inquiries may contact Stacey Eastman at 760-801-2648 or via email And or the director whom introduced you to Pulse. Resumes can be faxed to 1-888-727-6569. We look forward to your interest and success!
The markets in which we are scouting for. Utah: Arizona: Nevada: California,: Oregon,: Idaho: Washington: Colorado. Markets we will be opening soon. The Midwest and the Pacific Islands.

All our very best always! Stacey Eastman : President

elite NYC 08 show package 3 out of the top 20 discovered by Pulse

Pulse MGMT nails 2 of the top thirteen girls in the world for NYC Fashion Week

Top Thirteen NYC Fashion Week

Ali Stephens Mystique

That Ali Stephens Mystique
Girls, Model News
January 27th, 2008, by wayne
Ali Stephens Mystique Pulse Mgmt/Elite New York
PH: Liz Collins for Numero 90

You have to love the slow build of Ali Stephens into her current status as one of THE most wanted girls for the NY Fall/Winter o8 shows.

Whether in campaigns for Chloe or in her blue chip edits, like this one in the new Numero, Ali’s mixture of beauty and edge makes her one of the most compelling girls of the minute. You just can’t take your eyes off her! We plan to watch her evolve all the way to full fledged fashion stardom.

Martie Alred

Elite Look of The Year

Martie Alred and Stacey Eastman One of 18 in Elm World Wide 2005

Matt Davis Discovered by Pulse MGMT, lead in blue crush

Super Model Sara at L.A. Fashion Week 08

Michelle Mccullem

Michelle Mccullem Harper's Cover

Stacey Eastman and his Supermodel Michelle Mccullem

Another Super Star Is Launched By Pulse MGMT

There has never been a greater success story than that of Hye Rim Park who has joined two communities, worlds apart. Originating from Seoul, Korea, she relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah, seven years ago where she finished high school. For two years she was represented by a local modeling agency with little to no results. Pulse Management, a company globally heralded for its management of fashion, TV, and sports stars, made history again.

Having successfully scouted and developed talent since 1992, Stacey Eastman, President of Pulse Management, discovered Hye Rim Park while walking across The University of Utah campus. With the highest regard for individuals’ morals and ethics, Mr. Eastman took her under his wing and negotiated contracts with some of his most prestigious alliances…Donald Trump and Jon Tutolo of Trump Model Management in NYC, City Models in Paris, Why Not Models in Italy, and Take Two in London. She is going on to Tokyo, Spain, Hong Kong, and yes, soon to be Seoul, Korea. First cover of Vogue!

While she anticipates returning to the U of U to finish her biology degree, her time is currently being spent walking the runways of the most powerful designers world over like Armani, Marc Jacobs, Prada, and D&G. She is shooting fashion magazine layouts for American, Italian, French, British Vogue with TWO covers in the fashion world that is like winning the super bowel for each cover!…and just shot the third cover of Chinese Vogue with an exclusive twelve-page layout inside! H&M campaign with Madonna to Mac exclusive campaign and The Gap there is no stopping her!

It is impossible to miss her wherever you go. You can see additional shows and layouts at W and Vogue’s website, Click search then type Hye Rim Park in.

WWD Magazine (women’s wear daily the bible of fashion) editors and two of the top fashion icon photographers, Steven Meisel and Steven Klein, are haling her as one of the top ten models in the world! From Seoul…to Salt Lake…to Stacey…to Supermodel…all within a few short months out of the starting gate.

- from the ocean, snow-peaked mountains, and desert…fearless creativity merges with unrelenting drive…for you!

“check your pulse” @

Hye Rim Park Mac Campaign

Alex Papas

Alex Papas of Pulse MGMT; American Vogue Story

Alex Papas and Super Male Model Tyson Beckford