Friday, October 16, 2015

Hazel Eakman and Madison Moehling for Rivini

New York Bridal Fashion Week (or #nybfw) just finished, and we loved seeing pictures of a few of our models in the shows.  Madison Moehling and Hazel Eakman both walked in the show for Rivini, and we loved all of the behind the scenes pictures we saw from these two.  It makes us so happy to see two of our models, cast in the same show, and enjoying the experience together!  We also love getting to share with you any backstage and close up hair and makeup pics. Great job ladies, you look stunning, and we're glad to see you're having fun.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pulse Management Introduces: Hailey Henderson

Our scout Lacey has found us some major stars over the years, and it looks like she has found us another one in Hailey Henderson.  In the video below you can hear Hailey and her mom share how they ended up in New York City at the Dolls Model Management shoot from their hometown in San Diego.  

Hailey and Amanda Henderson are every bit as fun as they seem in the video, and their mother/daughter relationship will serve them well as they embark on Hailey's modeling career.  Model moms (and sometimes dads/grandparents/older siblings etc.) are the unsung heroes for each model.  The moms usually travel all over the world and make huge sacrifices to help their child pursue a modeling career.  If what we saw in New York is any indication, Amanda is going to be a huge support for Hailey, and those two are going to have a great time no matter where Hailey's modeling ends up taking them.

In the meantime enjoy these pictures of Hailey (all by Timothy Rosado, and her makeup is by Aracely Arocho).  Hailey has a really unique and cool editorial vibe going, and we're totally digging it!  We can't wait to see who else is too!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Pics of Hazel Eakman and Izzy Bowen

The only thing better than getting back photos of one of your models, is getting photos back from a shoot that has two of your models!  While in New York City, Hazel Eakman and Izzy Bowen, modeled in a test shoot together for photographer Rodrigo Cid.  Looking at these pictures you wouldn't think that both Hazel and Izzy are two of our newer models, they look like seasoned pros.  A good photographer combined with a new model's natural instincts and abilities can create an end product like this test shoot, where you would have no idea that the models are fairly new in front of the camera.

Rodrigo also photographed Kendall Jenner when she was starting out and that turned out pretty well for Kendall.  So we are hoping his hot streak continues with our models Hazel and Izzy! 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Liz Kennedy for Wonderland Magazine

Our model Liz Kennedy's editorial in Wonderland Magazine might be some of the best work we've seen of her yet!  I'm having a hard time deciding which look and photo I like the best out of this editorial.  I think it might be the third set of photos with the pink background and the dewy makeup, but then again the profile shot with the dark lip is pretty incredible too.  Really there is an argument to be made about how each photo is the best one of the editorial, and that speaks volumes about Liz and the crew on this shoot.  Thom Walker the makeup artist, and Piczo the photographer did a phenomenal job on this editorial.  Keep up the good work Liz, you are on a roll lately and we're loving it.

Monday, October 12, 2015

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Madison Moehling for Deux Hommes

Today's Major Moment Monday is major for a few reasons.  Our model, Madison Moehling, is one of the four models in the above (and amazing) Deux Hommes "Escape" Video Editorial.  As one of our newer faces, Madison is still breaking into the business, and being in an editorial like this one is major for her career.  As a new model, anytime you get to see yourself in something with a production caliber like this, it is very exciting.  Madison looks incredible and we are so proud to see that her time in New York is being well spent.  Keep up the good work Madison!