Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pulse Mgmt thanks the PEOPLE that just ...... GET IT! God Bless.

Hello Stacey,
I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity a few weeks back for my daughter Savannah and I to meet with you, Vikki, and your great Pulse Management team.  From the moment Vikki introduced herself to us through the open call and my phone chats with Vikki, Pulse Management has performed with professionalism and treated us with respect and kindness.  Vikki is truly a gem!
I also want to express my thanks for sharing your talent, passion for your work, and frankness at the open call.  Your enthusiasm was inspiring for Savannah and I, but more importantly, you kept it real.  Savannah came to the open call not only wondering if her appearance would be of interest, but if she would hear anything about the nuts and bolts of entering the modeling business.  You were upfront, and she came away that night enthused because she understood the decisions she would need to make. 
Thank you for offering Savannah an opportunity to potentially work with the Pulse Management team.  She's excited about the journey!
Jennifer Holmes