Thursday, April 19, 2012

Natalie Keyser

Pulse Mgmt's Natalie Kyser cover shoot in Asia

Pulse Mgmt's Natalie Keyser in Paris

Natalie Keyser

Pulse Mgmt's Natalie Keyser shoot Harpers

Rachel Grant - A Mother Who Gets It! LOVE THIS MOM! SOME PARENTS JUST GET IT!


I know you're busy so I'll try and keep this short. During our interview on Sunday you mentioned it worth my while to look you up as so many people seem to loath you, so I did. And well? You're right...... there are many that do. But..... I'm one that tends to need to "know" everything so I kept looking around. While there are many that question you and your wife's moral practices, there seem to be as many that think you both walk on water. So? As the protective, but wanting my girls to go for the dream, mom that I am.... I think you're worth the chance.

I've always told both my girls that I will back them a 100% when they need it, but when they're wrong I'll throw them under the bus. (Something that during their pre-teen years made me the devil, but has finally earned me some credibility.) That means that I agreed with your statement that when they ask you to jump in the mud with the pig, jump in the damn mud and shut the hell up! Katie does have a moral standard (I hope).... lol, and I do hope that she sticks with those standards...... (ie: don't get her into porn please), but she's a beautiful girl with a beautiful body and I'm sure she's going to have an amazing career which will in turn make you and her a ton of money.

I'm not one to trust easily, but for some reason my gut tells me to trust you. So I'm trusting you with my daughter. I will guide her as best as I can and I sincerely believe that she's about to have the time of her life.
Good luck to you both!
RegardsThe New Yorker (aka) Rachel Grant