Friday, July 10, 2009

SOS SOS SOS Hannah Holman, from Delta Utah, breaks BIG for fashion season with Mui Mui Prada campagine!!!!! I told you girl!

Remember way back in Paris. Way to listen and keep the faith !! Go big or go home girl!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Check Out Our Girls @ the Costume Institue Gala @ the Met

Check Out Our Girls @ the Costume Institue Gala @ the Met

Teen Vogue August 2009- Dear Friend Dree Hemingway & Pulse Mgmt’s Ali Stephens keeping the party hot @ the Costume Institute Gala!

Pulse Mgmt's Natalie Keyser from Bend Oregon

Goes BIG watch this kid as she becomes one of the most sought after girls in the industry!

Larissa Frazer from Alpine, Utah in New Zealand having it all. Watch for her sept cover of GQ to come out! Keep killing it girl!

How goes it!? New zealand... could be the best idea you have ever had... no joke. There are no girls here that look like me in the slightest...everyone is white and it seems that no one has discovered the New Zealand market but you so International girls work a tonnnn. So in turn... i've worked 9 out of 5 days here and had castings on all of them but one... I might be working on monday and tuesday as well and womens health next wed. Hopefully i can keep it up!

The editorials here amazing! New zealand designers are soooo great as well... otherwise the styling on the shoots wouldn't be near as good. I'm glad i listened to you and came! I don't have actual prints of what i've done... they are really stingy about that i guess... i only have pics i took on my own camera. As soon as i get some new editorials i'll send them over!

Also... i checked out the blog yesterday... you have soooooo many new girls that are amazing! I know you say on the blog... 'where do we find these kids' ( or something like that) and i seriously wonder the same thing... You'd think that the states would run out of these tall tall tall! skinny girls... but it seems they don't.

Anyway, hope you're well! and i shall keep you posted!


Our Seattle girl and mom taking Asia by storm!

This is why we do what we do! To change a life! For the moms as well. Keep it up girl! We have big plans for you! Your welcome.-Stacey

Hey Stacey!!!

I'm having soooooo much fun in Tokyo. This is all so amazing! I still can't believe I am here, especially to model!! Thank you for all you did to get me here! Everyone here is very very nice, I love everyone at Cinq Deux Un, the models are so nice too.

Thanks again Stacey!!!

I hope I will get to see you when I get back sometime!!


Well, now I am excited Stacey. This is mom. Rachel is shooting up in the mountains somewhere, and I guess the pay is okay??? It is almost 1/4 of her contrac!!!!!! WOW!

More than paid for, flight, cute cabana type houses, but, she will get to see the country! How awesome. Not worried after talking with Mika at the agency. This is for a hair salon.... Her first real job! Yay!

I will have the weekend free to go see some old stuff that rache couldn't care less about!

Hey busy man...If you get a chance look on my FB for pix, etc...

Rach and I love it here!

We miss the hubby (DAD) and Boy (Brother) in Seattle, but this place is Killer for Detail, clarity and Options... we would come back for sure!!! Thank you Stacey!!!!

What a name Summer Child from Utah. Another new star on the rise from Pulse Mgmt