Friday, February 7, 2014

Good Luck Shaun!

Shaun White and Stacey Eastman

While we have been preoccupied with the beginning of Fashion Week in NYC, we almost missed a chance to post about another huge event that kicked off yesterday.  The WINTER OLYMPICS in Sochi!  As a company that also represents action sports, we are watching closely to see what is going on in the Olympics and we are stoked that Slopestyle is now an olympic event!

We would like to wish our longtime friend, Shaun White, the best of luck this olympics.  Bring home that 3rd Gold Medal in a row for Team USA in the half pipe.  We met Shaun when he came to our party at Sundance a few years ago, and have kept in touch since. Good luck Shaun, make us proud in Sochi, like we know only you can!

Shayna Eastman and Shaun White

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fusion Models Fall/Winter 2014 Women's Show Package featuring Natalie Keyser

This show package video that Fusion (our NYC Partner) put out for Fashion week is insane, in the very best way! The photographer on this amazing project was An Le, and more detail about those who participated can be found here.  With materials like this, we think the Fusion girls, especially Natalie are going to kill it this fashion week.  Don't worry we will keep you all posted with the details.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Beautiful Buddies!

Liz Kennedy and Olivia Hamilton are busy conquering the streets of Tokyo together! They are both busy going to shoots, castings and back and forth to the agency.  As you can tell by their faces, these two American teens seem to be having the time of their lives in Tokyo.  As we mentioned in our post yesterday, we love when our models befriend each other.  Liz and Olivia's respective friends in their hometowns in Minnesota and Colorado probably can't relate to their crazy lives in Tokyo right now, so we are glad they have each other.  We are sure their families are as well!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pulse Mgmt Team + Our Models + LA = Perfection

Jessie Flanagan (Scout), Natalie Keyser (Model), Amy and Missy Swenson (Model Mom/Scout and Model), Lacey Hevern (Director of Scouting), Vikki Leza (Scout), Stacey and Shayna Eastman (Pulse Mgmt President and Pulse COO)

Sometimes we say this to the point that it sounds cliche, but we really do feel like our models and our team are a family.  We are counting down the days until our next Dolls Model Management Test Shoot in LA, and we can't wait to see some of our new faces, and get some of our team back together.  As a company we have models and scouts scattered across the country, so when we get together it is such a treat.  We have been looking through these pics from this fall when we got the team and a few models together for meetings and test shoots in Hollywood, and we are getting so excited for our next shoot.

Natalie Keyser, Stacey Eastman, and Lacey were showing Liz Kennedy and her mom the ropes at Liz's very first test shoot.  Currently Liz is in Tokyo on a $25,000 contract.  This girl is going to be a superstar and she was lucky to have Natalie to mentor her while in Hollywood.

Lacey, Shayna and Natalie being LA tourists.  I wasn't kidding when I said we all feel like family.

We also love seeing our models form friendships together.  Paris Naro, Rachel Cook and Charlee Pilon all became friends in LA, and it served them well when they were booking jobs together. We find it is nice for our models to connect and form friendships with each other because they can relate to each other.  Being a model is exciting, but it has its unique sets of stressors and pressure, and it is comforting for our models to have each other to talk about what is going on.  We are so looking forward to our next Hollywood shoot in just a few weeks!

Monday, February 3, 2014

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Hye Rim Park for Dolce and Gabbana

For today's Major Moment Monday we are looking back to when Pulse Management discovery, Hye Park, absolutely amazed us in the above Dolce & Gabbana campaign.  The campaign was shot by famed fashion photographer Steven Klein.  Dolce & Gabbana is one of the most powerful fashion houses in existence, and the fact that Steven Klein shot the advertising campaign was just icing on the cake.  

When we started Hye she was arguably the first major Asian supermodel, and after her major success there has been numerous successful Asian models since.  In fact when Hye was hired to walk in the Prada fashion show in February 2005, many people credit that moment as the rise of the Asian model.  It took a while for us to start getting Hye work, but once we did she emerged on the fashion scene like few others have.  Her modeling career is the kind that dreams are made of, as chronicled in this profile in NY Magazine.

We are so proud to have been the people who introduced Hye Rim Park to the fashion world, and we are even more proud that we helped to change the idea of what a supermodel is supposed to look like.