Monday, December 21, 2009

SoSaLa "It Has Begun"

Elite / Pulse Model Management, Jeff Johnson Casting, Nappi Designer Clothing, Utah Academy of Performing Arts, Total Betty Salon as well as "The Residence at Central Pointe" (76 residential condominiums) now all call Market Station home.

Market Station "The Center of Everything" has begun a renaissance of economic, retail, fashion and entertainment activity that is sure to continue well into the future.

SoSaLa "It Is Emerging"

The buzz is building, the dynamics are awe inspiring..catch it while you can!! Many within the film and fashion industry have taken notice. Businesses of all industries are negotiating leases, residential inquiries are mounting, economic activity has been enlivened....catch the fever and ride the wave of the hippest, hottest economics resurgence in year!!!!

SoSaLa "It Is Reality"

Be part of the energy, the vitality and the reality. As new Zero Emissions technologies are introduced in association with the availability of Mass Transit, we will walk softly and leave a small foot print. We at Pulse/Elite Model Management encourage everyone to become part this groundbreaking concept. Located your businesses here and thrive, live here and prosper.

SoSaLa "It is Here"

Soon to come:
Bridal Enterprises
White Orchid Spa and Salon
Skin Science Institute
SilverGate- 69 Unit Residential

Market Station "The Center of Everything"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pulse Mgmt Sneak Peek at Ali Stephens upcoming Vogue Germany Jan ’10 editorial with Thomas Schenk

Pulse Mgmt's discovery Ali and Madison Stephens

Never have I ever seen something so well written: ching ching Madison you
are an amazing woman! As a management company we could not agree more:

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pulse Mgmt's newest super star Brittany Mcphee

from Washington to the beaches & bananas of Miami to NYC! A major star on the rise!! Watch and see......To be continued.