Saturday, December 18, 2010

Danna Lee

I feel so lucky to have worked with Pulse Management for the past three years. I have had the honor thanks to Stacey and his team to travel to some truly amazing countries and work with great people that have changed my life.

From modeling the black sand beaches of New Zealand to surfing the subway cars of New York to feeding giraffes at the Abercrombie and Fitch shoot in Florida Stacey has helped me get there.

His knowledge of the industry in's and out's make him the power house he is. Stacey Eastman has become somewhat my guru for the fashion industry. He knows how to find fresh face on the street and through careful managing and crafting make them into the best models and people they can be.

Pulse management have been so supportive and professional. Giving me great advice and direction every time we talk. I can only sing praises about PULSE and am proud to call myself a pulse model! Thank you PULSE for an amazing 3 years! Can't wait for 2011!


Hope you had a good weekend! Let me know when you can skype this week! Also want to throw out there that we will both be in Seattle Christmas to Jan. 2nd, I'm meeting his whole family! Might be a good time to test a few girls and show you want we can do.

Talk you soon

Danna Lee

Amanda Chamberlain and Daphni Hilton in Hong Kong

Amanda Chamberlain

Daphni Hilton and Hil Anderson

Rachel Cook

Pulse Mgmt's Rachel Perkins shooting campaign in San Francisco booked by me very dear long lasting friend Kristen at Stars Mgmt.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Merry Christmas Pulse MGMT from Nicole Lichtenberg

Hi Stacey,

I hope you are having a great Holiday Season! I have been home for the past few months being a

senior. Most recently I spent part of my summer in N.Y. working with elite. Among the jobs I did was a shoot for French Magazine, it was really cool and fun to meet and work with Thierry Le Goues.

Then I headed to Singapore for a couple of months. I was on my first COVER!!! Style Singapore and coincidently it was also the first interactive ipad magazine, so there's a fun fact. I also shot for Harper's Bazaar, Her World Brides,Teen magazine, and have done work for various designer look books/catalogs. I was able to shoot with Urban Outfitters twice so it was great to visit Philadelphia.

I am excited about going to college and back East seems like the smart place to be, only a train ride away from the agency. I go to work alone now, plane flights, cars, drivers, taxi's, subways, roommates in model housing, interns usually accompany me when needed and I have had all great experiences and have met some of the most talented people in the world.

I have actually said "I'm sorry, I am not comfortable with this or that" not often, but I have and the photographer was completely cool with it and still used me in the's always best to stay true to yourself and speak up. I remember you telling my parents and I on the phone "they'll either use you or they won't but it's up to you to speak up if you are not comfortable doing or wearing something", still good advice.

I always know in the back of my mind if I need anything I can call elite or YOU Stacey and have your numbers with me always. Pulse management and elite genuinely care about the models they work with and I love and miss everyone when I am not working. I love school too and appreciate that I can do both. Stacey I wish you and your beautiful family a Very Merry Christmas!!


Nicole Lichtenberg