Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pulse Mgmt’s next Star Emma Munson!

Watch for not only the runways and magazines from spending two months in Paris but now to NYC!

Hi Stacey,

Here's my summer schedule so we can arrange New York. I will be at an NYU Tisch summer acting program (in New York ) from July 11 - August 7Th and busy from August 8Th-14. Those are my only Summer plans so far.

Thank you so much for all you do! These opportunities you have/are giving me are changing my life in a great way!!!!!

Thank you again!


P.S. You told me to remind you that I like to act, and that you would try to get me with an LA acting agency? :) Thank you so much!!!

Pulse Mgmt's Danna Lee, one of the greatest models of all time, from Pleasant Grove, Utah!

Having counquered the globe, now full time in NYC studying Film & Acting wait for the
silver screen!

Pulse Mgmt's Danna Lee, from Utah, in NYC for Hankoff

Pulse Mgmt's Nicole Talbot, from Utah, from around the World . . .

and now we will send her back the other way!

Pulse Mgmt’s, from Utah, Bree Rachel In New Zealand

Monday, April 5, 2010

CHECK IT! Coco in WWD for Coca Cola Light Campaign by Karl Lagerfeld. Where do you get one? Paris

Pulse Mgmt's next big star!!!! Mad love for this kid Rachel Cook!

From Washington shooting in Seattle.

"We love you to Mom……….and I did tell you so dad! Rach is going to be a star if it’s the last thing I do!! My best Stacey"

Just went to the Pulse site and saw how much you put Rachel's recent stuff up.... Thank you so much. (I am all teary!)

I don't understand how you can do it! 6 kids daddy? Grateful for your energy and tenacity!

Thank you again! Rachel's Dad says "now Stacey can say ... "I told you rachel's Dad"...

I have a feeling that she is going to be Amazing in NY... Really feel good about it all.

love to you and your HUGE family!

Krysten Cook

Pulse Mgmt's Rachel Cook shoots for Amazon!

Pulse Mgmt's Rachel Cook, from Washington, shooting for Beautrium

Pulse Mgmt Lindsay P., from Colorado, talking about starting out!