Friday, August 28, 2015

Hazel Eakman by Matthew Priestley

As I'm looking through these photos from Hazel Eakman's shoot with photographer Matthew Priestley, I can't help but get excited by how much potential I can see for her future career.  Hazel is one of our new faces, and she is making great use of her time in NYC.  Each shoot we see of Hazel just reaffirms what we saw when we scouted her.  

Matthew Priestley has photographed a few of our models (Liz Kennedy and Madison Moehling) and each time we are thrilled with the results.  They are clean and beautiful photos, where the model herself is the main focus of the photo.  It would be hard to get a bad picture of Hazel, but these ones are really exceptional.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Liz Kennedy for Farfetch Magazine

These pictures of Liz Kennedy are so chic it kills me. They are from an editorial she did for the French Magazine, Farfetch.  Everything about these photos, from the all black wardrobe, to the Parisian bob she is sporting, to the set and special effects just ooze edgy sophistication.  This is a look we haven't seen yet on Liz, and as usual you look incredible!  This is another fantastic editorial to add to your book.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hannah Matthiessen and Scott Eastwood

The entertainment industry and the internet has been abuzz this week because Taylor Swift released a teaser of her newest music video (for the song "Wildest Dreams"), and the video is co-starring Scott Eastwood.  When Taylor premiered her last video, for Bad Blood, it was one of the biggest events in the music industry this summer, so we know that when she debuts her latest video (at the VMAs no less), it will be MAJOR.

Before Scott Eastwood was co-starring with Taylor Swift, and breaking hearts in movies, he was in this editorial with Pulse Management model, Hannah Matthiessen.  This editorial ran in Town and Country Magazine in October of 2013.  As you can see Scott's good looks, paired with Hannah's all-American beauty made a perfect pairing.

This shoot was when both of these two were on the cusp of exciting careers. We are looking forward to seeing Scott in Taylor Swift's video, and seeing if they have more or less chemistry that Scott and Hannah!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Congrats Hono!

Our girl Honolua Blomfield placed 2nd in the Pro-Division at the Duke's Waikiki Kane/Wahine Longboard Pro/Am.  The contest was a part of the annual Duke's Ocean Fest in Waikiki.  Hono placing second in the Pro division is huge, and we are so proud!  It must have been extra exciting for Hono to do so well in this competition because it is on her home island.  Congrats Honolua, it is great to see your hard work paying off!

Monday, August 24, 2015

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: More from Olivia Hamilton for Thom Browne

Behind the Scenes at the Thom Browne Shoot

We posted last week when the pictures from Olivia Hamilton's work for Thom Browne were released.  We couldn't wait until Monday to use it as a Major Moment Monday post, we had to share them the second we saw them.  Today we have some more of the photos from the shoot, as well as a behind the scenes pic to share with you.  We love anytime there is a behind the scenes picture or video because it  helps feel like we are at the shoot with our model.   Being the sole model in a campaign for a designer as significant as Thom Browne is a major accomplishment. We still can't get over how incredible Olivia looks in this shoot, and we are just beaming with pride.

Photos below from Thom Browne photographed by Erik Madigan Heck