Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pulse Mgmt's Action Sports Signs Aaron Jessee

Elephant Q-Tip from Hello Lucid on Vimeo.

Our Action Sports Division, Pulse Mgmt Action Sports, recently signed Aaron Jessee.  The video above speaks for itself.  Every single time we watch it we are in awe of the talent this guy possesses. We don't know what we love the most about Aaron, his surfing skills or his awesome hair.  Ok, it's the surfing, but the hair is a close second.  We are stoked to have you on our team Aaron, and we think this is the beginning of a beautiful partnership!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Big Things Ahead for Armon

Pulse Management's Armon Eastman, son of Owner Stacey Eastman, continues to exceed even his dad's expectations.  He leaves for Europe in a little more than a week to meet with Burberry in London, and then Prada in Milan. Those are huge companies to meet with for any model, but for a male model just starting his career, this is quite a feat! Wishing you lots of luck Armon, and we can't wait to see how your trip goes.

Birthday Girl Carson Posing for Marc Jacobs

Happy Happy Birthday to our dear Carson Bruner! How did she spend her last day as a 16 year old? At a photo shoot for the incomparable Marc Jacobs in New York City! We are so proud of Carson and everything she has accomplished since we scouted her and launched her modeling career.  This girl has been all over the world in the past year, and her travels are just starting.  We hope you have a wonderful birthday, Carson.  We sure love you!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sara Grace Kelley in Coco Magazine

Photo: Erika Astrid Hair/MU: Marissa Lyons

This picture is of Sara Grace Kelley, one of the best people we have scouted out of Idaho.  It was featured in Coco Magazine.  When we first met her, we knew with a name like hers and more importantly looks and a personality like hers, she was destined for big things.  We signed her in 2008 as a 7th grader and she is still with us today.  In fact she just headed out to Hong Kong for some modeling work.  We will keep you posted on the big things this girl accomplishes!

Carolyn Roberts and John Travolta

A few of our Pulse Management models have made the transition into acting, and Carolyn Roberts is one of them.  Here is Carolyn on set with, Hollywood legend, John Travolta! When it comes to co-stars and leading men in film, you can't do much better than Travolta. We can't divulge details about the film yet, but you better believe we will keep you posted when the move is out so you can all go see it and support our Carolyn!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Welcome Home Jessie!

Jessie S., just got back home from her first modeling trip to Paris.  She shot these beautiful images while in France, and we are awestruck.  These are stunning Jessie. These look like images of a seasoned pro, not of a model on her first trip! We love the minimal hair and makeup, and that they let you be the star that you are.  Don't get too comfortable at home in Colorado, you are going to be headed to New York soon!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Carson Bruner & Victoria Beckham

We love this picture of our girl Carson and the one and only Victoria Beckham.  Carson was in the VIP showcase of VB's clothing line, during NYFW.  Unlike many celebrity fashion designers, Victoria is known for being very involved in her clothing line, and this event was no different.  Although she has a reputation for being a little bit on the icy side, Beckham was completely the opposite according to Carson.  "She is super sweet and she is so nice," Carson told us.  "She does smile a lot actually, but when it's time to take a picture she forces it to go down."

Carson is currently in NYC and we are excited to share with you what she has going on out there. Stay tuned everyone!  Also, make sure you check us out on Instagram, if you haven't already.  @pulsemgmt