Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More of Future Mega Star Olivia with Pulse Mgmt.

Stacey and Shayna- Morgan's "true beauty" is on the "inside"... Thank you for recognizing that in her in the short time you met her. As a mother this is what truly touches my heart the most and makes me most proud of her, and that you could see that beauty as well aside from her pretty little face brings tears of joy to my eyes. It has been an absolute pleasure meeting you both and we feel blessed to have you in our lives, as new friends, have a safe drive back:) Much love - Morgan n Clara Best From the OC!

Pulse Mgmt's newest from the land of the giants! Jordan S. from Oregon Killing it in Hollywood this weekend.

Pulse Mgmt's Star Natalie K. Returns from Maui to NYC to slay the fashion dragon. Big love baby. Working for JP. Paris

Pulse Mgmt's NEW MEGA STAR, my Lil' sister!!! ANNA. See what I find when I take my kids to a water park. Thank The Lord!

Hi Stacey this is Olivia Hamilton! Thank you so much for everything. I had such an amazing time and I'm super excited for whatever happens in the future. Please tell Shayna that I say thank you for helping me with my walk and picking out my outfits :) Thank you so much for the test shoot and bringing me to ford! Hopefully they don't think I'm a dork for putting my swimsuit on inside out ;P It was great meeting you guys in person! Thank you so much :)