Friday, September 4, 2015

New Pics of Corey Scott

I'm sure a lot of you remember our previous posts about our model Corey Scott.  He is currently in Los Angeles, but we are readying things for him to head out to Miami soon.  We think the market in Miami will love our boy Corey as much as we do.  Look at these pictures we just got back from a test shoot he did in LA!  Corey and the photos look amazing, and we can't wait to see what he has in store for us.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Emma Harris Meets VS Angel Elsa Hosk

The best things happen to our model Emma Harris at her local mall.  Recently Victoria's Secret Angel Elsa Hosk was doing and event at the Victoria's Secret at the mall in Boise, ID, and Emma had the opportunity to snap a picture with her.  Judging from her test shoot photos we posted about HERE, it won't be long before people are asking to take a picture with Emma because this girl has supermodel written all over her.

Emma used to work at the Orange Julius in the food court at that mall, and one day while Stacey Eastman (Pulse Management President), was in town with his family walking through the mall he saw her working and talked to her about being a model for Pulse.  The coincidences don't end there!  Emma was actually scouted by Lacey, one of our Pulse scouts a few months earlier in Reno, NV.  So we think that it is destiny that Emma was meant to sign with us, and we are so excited to manage her career.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Stacey and Our Oahu Crew

Aaron, Honolua, Bree, Stacey, Shez, and Kelsey

Yesterday Stacey Eastman, President of Pulse Management, took a quick trip to the North Shore of Oahu to check in our our crew of models and athletes out there.  Fashion Show season is about to kick off in New York in a little over a week, and Stacey will soon be out there with out models for the shows, so he wanted to check in with our group in the islands before he heads out to the opposite side of the country.

Stacey met up with Bree Hanneman (model/scout/photographer), Aaron Jessee (surfer), Honolua Blomfield (surfer), Shez Hanneman (model), and Kelsey Hussey (a model that we introduced you to yesterday).  With Stacey located in Kona now, it is a quick trip to see this group and we are hoping to get some more momentum going on these amazing people, because the world needs to know all of them. Stay tuned everyone!

"Opening up of the Hawaiian Islands is going to bring many fruits to all. Hoping a short 30 min flight from Kona to North Shore and see what our amazing scout Bree has been doing is well worth the sunset flight home to my wife and kids. We are blessed. Mahalo Island kids." -Stacey Eastman

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Pulse Management Introduces Kelsey Hussey

It's not like Stacey Eastman (President of Pulse Management) needs another reason to love Hawaii, he recently relocated his family to the islands because he loves them so much.  Our Hawaiian scout Bree Hanneman, finds us the best models in Hawaii and her latest find, Kelsey Hussey is no exception.  Kelsey is from Oahu, and we have a feeling that she won't be staying put there for long because we can think of a few agencies who will be clamoring for this beauty.  We love the way Bree photographed Kelsey, and can't decide what our favorite feature of Kelsey's is, there is too much goodness going on to choose from.  Stacey is actually headed to Oahu today to meet with a handful of our models in Hawaii and we can't wait to see how it goes!

Welcome to Pulse Management Kelsey, we are so happy to have you as a part of our crew.

Monday, August 31, 2015

MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY: Olivia Hamilton for Uniqlo

Confession, I have watched this video of UNIQLO JEANS AUTOMNE/HIVER 2015 campaign a lot of times.  A LOT.  I just can't get over the beautiful movement, and how the models can be that flexible in a pair of jeans.  We have mentioned Olivia Hamilton's ballet training before, and it keeps coming in handy on her shoots (especially her Teen Vogue shoot with Ansel Elgort).  You can't have that kind of effortless-looking control of your body without years of training, and we are so glad that Olivia has been able to use her talent in ballet to enrich her modeling career.  A campaign for Uniqlo is huge (Click here to see her first campaign for them), and we are so proud of you Olivia!