Monday, August 30, 2010

Check out Ali, Coco, and Hannah in NY Magazine: When They Were Young NY Magazine

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"Have you ever looked at Coco Rocha in the pages of Vogue and wondered how exactly she got her blessed genes? Or if Marcel Castenmiller was as charming as a kid as he is as an adult? And what about Hannah Holman's pout — is that something you're born with, or you teach yourself sometime in junior high? To find out, we asked a handful of our favorite models (all of the aforementioned, plus Daniel Liu, Coco Young, and Ali Stephens) to hand over their personal family pics — shots of them as toddlers, cuddling with their parents; shots taken in matchy-match outfits at old-school photo studios; PRICELESS shots taken in faux saloons at Six Flags. Click ahead to see a slideshow of the photographic evidence and decide for yourself."