Saturday, February 4, 2012

A New Kind Of Health And Wellness

A few years ago when I met Stacey, we spoke about his career and the things that he liked and disliked about it. The man loves to work with people and help them change their lives. The thing that he didn’t like was that in the entertainment industry sometimes people feel forced to be unhealthy to be successful. Making their measurements and looking good for the photo shoot are all that matter. If you don’t make it, someone else will.

As a chiropractor in Oregon I have been able to study and practice functional medicine. I believe that the answer to our health and wellness can almost always be found in the correct blood panel or hormone panel.

Our friendship with the Eastman family gives us the opportunity to take my world and work and apply them to models struggling to make it. The results have been phenomenal! Anyone who applies the program correctly succeeds. We can make measurements as well or better than any other unhealthy method. Our advantage is that we can do it in a manner that allows us to maintain it as long as we want.

Imagine a modeling industry that is commended for its views on health rather than scolded for them. Imagine an industry that takes the lead in showing the young people of the world a new kind of health care, a new kind of wellness.

My vision for our program will change the ideas that the world has about what is hot and what is not. Beautiful people that have energy and stamina, there is no one creating that in the world consistently. If there is competition in that direction, so be it. Lets get everyone involved with modeling informed and educated about health. Then we conquer the problems that seeking perfection creates.

Hard work is required to receive the best benefits. Our program is hard work!! But in the end we create an educated, and well-rounded individual. One model that is on the program confidently declared that after her modeling career (which is booming) she is going to study nutrition.

That is the best result and report that I could have hoped for.

The answers are available to us if we seek them. Hard work will always pay off. Working with Stacey and Pulse Management is a privilege for me and I am grateful to be able to reach people on this level. I look forward to changing people’s lives and working with Stacey.

Dr. Jon Chambers