Monday, December 23, 2013

Liz in LA

We have been obsessing over these photos of Liz taken during her last trip to LA.  She had a shoot with photographer, Lucas Passmore, and the images are the epitome of California cool. We love the simplicity of the wardrobe and composition, so you can really see how incredible she is as a model.  It is still amazing to us that we discovered her a few months ago, and she is already consistently taking such strong pictures (the talented photographers she has been able to work with definitely deserve some credit too!!).

 Liz is now back home in Minnesota for the holidays, and we bet the warmth of LA is sounding pretty good to her right about now!  The last time I spoke with Liz she told me that when she is not in front of the camera she misses it and can't wait for her next shoot.  Lucky for her she won't have to wait long.  Stay tuned for what we have up next for this beauty.