Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How Do We Do It?

Have you ever wondered how Pulse Management finds models all over the country and then we manage their careers around the world? Well we do it with a team that is all over the United States, and we definitely wouldn't be able to operate without the wonders of modern technology.  Last night we had an online meeting and we had people logging in from Hawaii to Minnesota, with lots of places in between.  The biggest concentration of team members was at Stacey Eastman's home office, and if you look at the computer screen (close up photo below) you can see some of the rest of us on the screen.  Having people all over the place allows us to find potential models everywhere, and where we are not located, we travel to.  We don't want to leave one stone unturned!  It also helps that we have offices in the major fashion capitals of the world, but we will save that for another post!