Friday, May 30, 2014

Big Moment for Natalie Keyser!

We love this pic that our girl, Natalie Keyser, posted on her instagram.  All you models out there know that it is a big deal when one of your pictures ends up in a frame at your agency's office.  It means that out of all the work, from every model they represent, the photo of yours is one that they deem noteworthy, and they want others to be sure to see it too!  This picture is from Natalie's agency that we have her with in Mexico, Paragon Model Management.  Congrats on achieving your goal Nat, we are just as thrilled as you are.

Also, we loved this article about the realities of being a model.  Modeling can be very exciting and glamorous, but this article entails some of the less glamorous things about modeling, and we think it is a must-read for all models, their friends and family, and any aspiring models.  For the people who want to get into modeling, it is good to know what you are getting into and to have realistic expectations.