Thursday, June 26, 2014

Model Life: Olivia Hamilton in NYC

While doing our daily Instagram rounds we had an idea. We thought it might be fun to show our readers what a model's life is really like, using the pictures of our very own Olivia Hamilton.  Olivia was discovered in her hometown in Colorado, but is currently living the model life in New York City.  Please enjoy her photo diary of what her life is like these days:

Olivia and her roommate, Pulse Mgmt model Liz Kennedy, enjoying their view
She works out to ensure she is looking healthy and is at her best for potential jobs and castings.  Its better to stay in shape than to have to try to get into shape when an opportunity arises.  "Practice makes progress," Olivia says and we agree with her!
Olivia gets ready and brings her book with her to multiple castings
With other models waiting at a casting, this one was for YSL.  Modeling has a lot of downtime, and many people are surprised to know models are very well read, because they read while they wait.
After she books a job, Olivia has fun on set in her colorful makeup look