Thursday, June 5, 2014

Natalie Keyser Making Pulse Proud in London

Modeling is definitely an industry where youth is highly valued. We have to say though, Natalie Keyser is one of our more experienced models, and she has never looked better than she does right now.  She is by no means old, not even close, but she has been modeling for quite a few years with us (that's what happens when you are discovered and signed at age 12).  We discovered Natalie and we knew right away her potential in modeling.  Even though she was younger than we normally sign models, we knew that if we didn't sign her it would only be a matter of time until someone else did, and we did not want to lose her!  Natalie is currently working in Mexico, but these images are from a shoot that she did the last time she was in London.  They are some of the most beautiful pictures of Natalie we have ever seen.  PERIOD.  That is a benefit of starting modeling when you are young, you gain a lot of experience. Now Natalie who is at an age where a lot of models are just starting their careers has years of experience and she is consistently producing flawless images like these ones. We think we have just scratched the surface with what this girl is going to show us.  The best is definitely yet to come with our girl Natalie, and we can't wait to see.