Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Look Who Was in WWD!

Did you guys check out Women's Wear Daily yesterday? If you did you would have seen, THREE of our models in a slideshow they did about models in their favorite shirts. You can check out the slideshow here. WWD is one of the fashion world's most important and influential publications, and we are on could nine that our girls were featured as, "some of modeling's freshest faces" and it included their instagram handles.  It is crazy to think that Liz Kennedy, Olivia Hamilton, and Nichole Martinez were all discovered by Pulse Management and all three were featured in this one slideshow on WWD!  Liz and Olivia are currently with Fusion Model Management in New York, and Nichole is currently with Elite Model Management.  We have always thought that these three models have an incredible amount of potential, and its nice to see that WWD agrees with us!