Monday, August 25, 2014


Liz Kennedy

Today's MAJOR MOMENT MONDAY is a little bit different than our usual ones because we are posting about something that is about to happen.  In just a week, New York Fashion Week will be upon us, and this year is going to be one of Pulse Management's biggest years ever, if not the biggest  year we've had.  These pictures are from Liz Kennedy, Olivia Hamilton, Alisha Judge, Anna FisherCharlee Pilon, and Viktoria Liens' test shoots for NYFW.  If these pictures are any indicators, and we think they are, these girls are going to be some of the most sought after models this season.  This fashion week is going to be MAJOR for these models and for us, and we can't wait to see what transpires.  Stay tuned everyone, we already know of some things happening that you will love, but we can't share them with you just yet.  We will as soon as we can though, we promise!

Olivia Hamilton

Alisha Judge

Anna Nobles Fisher

Charlee Pilon

Viktoria Lien