Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Have You Met Gia?

We have a handful of new faces at Pulse Management, that we are excited to share with you (and the rest of the world).  This blonde beauty is Gia Whited, a native Californian, who is every bit as fun as she is beautiful.  As a model your personality can make or break your career, and unfortunately some models learn that lesson too late.  Sometimes shoots can be long, tiresome, too cold or too hot, the list can go on and on.  Photographers, stylists, Hair and Makeup Artists, etc. want to be around a model that is going to have a good attitude and have fun with the shoot no matter what the conditions are.  No one wants to be around a negative model who is going to complain the whole shoot.  Right off the bat we thought Gia has the look to be a model, but her infectious personality is going to take her far in the industry.  She rocked her Dolls shoot, and then was quickly signed with our LA partner, Photogenics.  We are looking forward to seeing where Gia goes in her career, because we know that everyone that meets her is going to love her.