Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Armon Featured on MODELS.COM

Well this is sure shaping up to be a great day! Pulse Management's, Armon Eastman, is featured on as 1/2 of today's Daily Duo.  The Daily Duo is in their New Faces section and it puts the spotlight on up and coming models.  To say that we are excited that Armon is being featured is an understatement, a MAJOR understatement. Our favorite part of the feature on Armon is this sentence:

"All American boy Armon grew up on the West Coast but has a look that defies boundaries."

We couldn't agree with the writer more, and the rest of the article is just as complimentary.  This isn't the first time we have had a model featured in the daily duo, Liz Kennedy, was featured recently and we posted about it here.  Congrats Armon, this is a HUGE accomplishment!